T1D toddler in michigan

Looking for some T1D families in Michigan

Hi Pia @Pallen, a Warm Welcome for you at TypeOneNation!
A way for you to meet families who are living with diabetes is to attend a few of the many events - “Cups of Hope”, Walks, Bike Tours, and especially “TypeOneNation Summit” - held in your area.
You can find many events and gatherings by clicking on the Events TAB at the top of this page or by visiting the JDRF home page [jdrf.org] - in the top center margin there is a “Find JDRF Near You” button. Best wishes for you and your family.

HI Pia,
I am the Outreach Manager at JDRF in the SE MI Chapter - we have several parent networking groups and online Facebook groups you can join. Please email me at dpentescu@jdrf.org and I can connect you. We even have a special group called JDRF T1D Littles led by parent Lia Benn, whose daughter Julia was diagnosed at 22 months.
Looking forward to hearing back from you…Denise
Mom to Chris, diagnosed at four - now 24!