Problems With Simpatch

I have recently started getting small rashes around the area my overpatch (I use Simpatch). It’s nothing serious, a little pink and itches, and it goes away in a couple days. I’ve been using these patches for both Dexcom and Omnipod for about a year now, along with SkinTac, and have had no problems. Does anyone know what’s going on and what I should do?

Several years ago to skin started itching all over - I saw an allergist and it turns out I had developed an allergy to scented studios, detergents, lotions etc… She told me to avoid them, and Benadryl helped if I did come in contact.
If yours is an allergy there may be treatments so you don’t have to stop using the patches.

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Hello Taylor,

I break out from almost all adhesives, including those used on my infusions sets and CGM (Tandem and Dexcom, respectively). It was suggested to me that I try putting a thin layer of Pepto Bismal on my skin before applying the adhesive patch/overlay. This will counteract the acidity of the adhesive. I did so, and it helped for a short while.

I then saw recommendations for Benadryl and other allergy sprays/gels here, on the forum. So, I decided to try that. I used (and still use) a store brand allergy spray on my skin. This also helped for a while.

Finally, I got the SkinTac, which also seemed to help some. So, what I do now is, I spray the area first with allergy spray and let that dry. Then I apply a thin layer of Pepto, and finally wipe the area with SkinTac. I have not broken out for over 6 years.

So, an allergist can help you figure out what the cause of your rash is. If it is the acidity, Pepto will help. If it is an allergy, the allergy spray might help. Or, if it is something other than the adhesive itself, changing those things can also help. - - For me, I found that certain detergents and fabric softeners make me itch all over, but not using them did not solve my problems with the adhesives.(I’m allergic to bandaid adhesives too!). - - So, first try to figure out what is causing you to break out. Then, treat accordingly.

Hope this helps!

Pam K.
T1D 57.5 years and counting!

I do not use a pump, I have the RANDOM insulin antibodies, pump could not keep up, but I use G6, and have never had an adhesion issue, I just clean carefully with an alcohol swab, I do not know if it dries fully prior to sensor insertion, but never had one come loose. Having said that I am probably heading for trouble, but, I question the need for over patches.

Some people find patches helpful if their skin is oily, or because they’re very active and want or need something extra to stay secure. My skin is by the dry side so I’ve never needed them for that, but I do occasionally use one if my device tape folded over on itself.

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