Adhesive help

Hi, help!
My skin keeps reacting to my dexcom site. Not sure what else to try!
I’ve tried skin tec no skin tec barriers no barriers alcohol no alcohol ahhh it’s so super uncomfortable not sure what to do. The rash/ irritation lasts for days after I take the site off.
Any ideas would be much appreciated. I work out lots so I’m not sure if it’s possibly the sweat.
Thank you!
Jaime in CA

I don’t have a dexcom, but I’ve seen this as a common problem mentioned on some D blogs. Some people buy Johnson and Johnson Tough Pads and wear them under the sensor. Here’s one example:

Hello Jaime,
I don’t know if this will help but I always use Opsite Flexifix at the ends of the Dexcom adhesive, to keep it on two weeks. I do not have any skin problems. You can but that online.

I find that I need to use a spray on skin barrier like “Sensicare” the wipe on did not work as well. I have also used the Opsite Flexifit tape on top of the skin barrier and then put the sensor on top of that.
The rashes are the worst…I also get them from my infusion site for my pump.

Hey there. I had skin irritation too whenever I removed the tape. Medtronic told me to use detachol adhesive remover/cleanser. It’s cleans away all the tape and cleans the skin pretty good. Prevents redness/irritation from occurring which is most important. When removing the sensors wipe with some of the detachol right away and your problems will go away. Haven’t had an issue since . Good luck!!

Thank you everyone for all your help!
Tried something new yesterday. We shall see if it works.

I have the Dexcom. I use Skin Prep. They look like alcohol wipes. You can get them cheap through Amazon

I have been getting two weeks with my Dexcom G5 for the past year with the following methodology. After showering I clean my arm with rubbing alcohol. Then I use skin tac to wet the entire adhesive pad, on the sticky side only, and wait a minute for it to dry slightly. Then I bend my arm so the skin stretches and have my wife or kids smooth out the adhesive so that all the edges are stuck to my skin.

After it is completely dry the G5’s cloth adhesive material has a hard feel. I swim three or four days a week and have not had any issues since using this method. I have also tried going into week three on three occasions. All three times I felt that the readings were becoming inconsistent. Also, the effects on my skin were negative in comparison to the normal two weeks.

My son had the same issue. Resolved after we started to spray the sensor or omnipod patch with Unisolve and waiting 5 mins before removing it. This is an adhesive remover available on Amazon and not only alleviated the ouch of removing the sensor, the skin issues were significantly less, presumably due to less trauma on removal. I follow up with a little dab of hydrocortisone cream as a routine and his skin heals quickly. Hope this helps!