Omni pod users!

Okay so I am THIS CLOSE to getting rid of my Omni Pod because it gives me these horrible rashes. I have called insulet, I’ve seen a dermatologist and talked to my endocrinologist, they all gave me the same answers and none of them worked, so I wanted to see if any other Omni Pod users are having this problem and if they have found anything that helps, I have tried the gel skin barrier wipes, and the film to but the pod over on still the rashes are there. They have gotten to the point where they are very painful. I don't want to switch to a different pump because I do love the Omni Pod, it really makes my life easier. But these rashes have made it so it’s not worth it anymore. So if anyone could give me suggestions or tell me what you have done to help with these rashes I would really appreciate it, Also we called insulet and they said that a lot of people were having these problems, so many that they have created a committee to help figure out what to do.

Thanks for your time and I am open to ALL suggestions!


i don't have an omnipod, but i'm allergic to adhesive. i use spray benadryl and spray it on my skin right before i put in my infusion site. while it doesn't completely get rid of the itching and rash, it helps a lot. if you're interested, you can find spray benadryl in any pharmacy area with the allergy meds (if you haven't already tried it)

Thank you so much! I bought some yesterday next pod change I'll try it and hopefully it will work!

Thanks again so much!