Poem about diabetes .(that I wrote)

I walk into the room people whisper and stare.

Talking about me of course, all about my diabets.

People want to learn  more but most don't really care, they don't really care about me.

I listen as  thoose few tease and laugh.

The bell rings and I run fighting tears back.

I wish they could try this, take a look through my eyes.

They don't have to feel this level of pain.

If only they knew how I wished to be normal, like them.

Not having to check my blood sugar before each test or exam.

Not having to miss out and not being held back.

If only they knew, but sadly they don't.

This poem is so sad. Very emotional.

Are you very self conscious about your diabetes and the acts that go along with it?

I know that sometimes I wish that everyone knew what this felt like, although I am glad that they don't, but if they did I am sure that if they did we would have a cure by now =P

Keep writing your poetry and posting it here.


I only have one child, so take or leave my comments.

Having 2 young children is a blessing, but it can't leave much time to do anything for yourself, including having tight control that's important during pregnancy.   Could you wait a while to have a third child?  

Hi Jordan,

I just had my first a little over two months ago. It was a fantastic pregnancy.

Getting back to what you said, I think that it sounds like you are more Con than Pro. I was always under the impression that you couldn't have more than two C-sections? My doctor told me if I were to have another he would then tie my tubes in the same surgery.