New 670g pump and transmitter questions

I just received the 670g pump and sensor and had the training recently so I’m not yet in auto mode but my pump and transmitter keep losing signal. My pump had suspended my basal insulin earlier because my BG was dropping and then the signal between my pump and transmitter was lost so it never told my pump to activate my insulin again and my blood sugar had gotten up to 150 before I noticed that the signal was lost and I checked my BG manually and cancelled the suspension. I was just curious if this has ever happened to anyone else and if there is a fix because I was really looking forward to the sensor being able to help the management of my BG but that’s not possible if my pump and transmitter aren’t connecting. I called Medtronic and they said it might be my WiFi but I don’t know how to not be around WiFi, it’s everywhere in the world we live in!

Hi @Mwreese, welcome to TypeOneNation.
The pump uses a short range radio to connect to the transmitter on the CGM. Try to keep those 2 things physically as close together as possible. If you use a belt clip. Make sure the pump and the CGM transmitter are both on the same side of your body. If it still loses connection you will have to complain loudly so they will replace the transmitter first, then the pump if necessary. Good luck

I think I’m about as far along as you are with your 670G. I’m getting trained Thursday for the automode. I’ve been having issues with infusion sets kinking, transmitter not transmitting to the pump and most recently the sensor not working. It’s been very frustrating. Also, I’m not a very techy person and think this pump is a little more complicated to figure out. So many buttons to press and it gets cumbersome. I get low bs warnings every night and sometimes several times in 1 night. UGH!! My sleep cycle has been somewhat disrupted. I don’t think the manuals do a very good job in helping you troubleshoot issues. Any suggestions would be great.

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Yes it’s very frustrating! I set them as close together as I can and they still lose connection but it’s only certain places in my house. I’m not sure why it does that but I’m hoping I can get it figured out so that it works the way it’s supposed to! I’m nervous to go in to auto mode if my devices aren’t connecting.

Sorry just now seeing your post 3 weeks ago. Hope things are going better for you. I’m in auto mode now and it’s going pretty well. Still a lot to learn and still occasionally having sensor, transmitter issues, but it’s getting better.

Hi there. We’ve been using the 670g for almost 2 years and the 630g for a year before that. I’m happy to help with any questions that you come up with. You should not be having problems like that with the transmitter communicating with the pump. The only time we ever have had a problem was when the transmitter became faulty. Medtronic replaced it and all was fine again. You don’t have to have the pump and transmitter super close and having your pump clipped to your waistband and your transmitter anywhere on your body is close enough. Have you called Customer Service to talk through it? I have to say, Medtronic Customer Care is excellent. And they are great about replacing things that they can’t fix with troubleshooting.

Good luck!