670 g- Sensor not ready

I get this message on my pump sometimes and it stops showing my glucose readings but I don’t know the reason. I wanted to know if some of you have experienced this and could tell me what the cause could be?

Hi Shannon I have spoken to medtronics about this and and they tell me that i get this when the sensor is not reading enough interstitial fluid. I will usually get these more when i use certain certain areas to place the sensor which are less than optimal. (less meaty area of my body more scar tissue etc.) Also this tends to happen more when I am on day 5 or 6 as well. Occasionally it will even occur if i am sitting/laying weirdly probably cutting down circulation a little to that area of the body.

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I get this kind of message too. I get it under all kinds of circumstances. It’s not the only kind of odd quirky thing that I get either, so, I chalk it up to just another Medtronic issue. They may have an explanation, but, I don’t think they really know. Sometimes I lose a signal between my transmitter and my pump, even as they are both on the left side of my body and no more than 20 inches apart…lol. The pump will tell me to move them closer together. So, I hold the pump over the transmitter…I guess it needed to be 1/2 inch away to get that signal. lol Reminds me of the olden days…not 2019. lol

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Thank you so much Mike for taking your time to answer my question those are very reasonable and logical responses. Again thank you and have a nice day!

Yes I totally understand what you mean I hope Medtronic can take some time to try and resolve these issues because they can be quite stressful thank you so much for your response, have a good day!

Not a problem Shannon! Dealing with medtronics is hit or miss. They all seem to want to help but some read from the script more closely and don’t pick up on
the nuances of the issues you are describing. I actually described the same problem to at least half a dozen of their reps (due to failed sensors before somebody actually gave a reasonable expalanation

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