Mom needing someone to chat with that can relate

Just found this amazing site and group today
my 8 year old daughter was diagnosed in sept of 2015 and its been a very challenging time learning and dealing with it all as weve never really been familiar type 1 until that very day when momma knew somethng just wasnt right and off to the amazing IWK childrens hospital we went and 5 hrs later the news hit us like a mac truck :frowning:
she is an amazing little girl who is a very fussy eater and really the carbs and eating habits have been the most difficult part of it all
the hardest part is when shes stressed about the injections and has told me on more then one occasion she wishes she was dead just wondering if theyre are any other mothers feeling the same as me helpless at times
look forward to hearing from some new peeps and making some new friends who can relate to my family

Hello. I know how you feel. My daughter who is 11, has had T1D for 3 years this month. It was really hard at first and stI’ll can be on days. I know days when her blood is crazy, it feels like you failed, but you just have to keep trying. I’m willing to talk, if you would like to.


That would be great :wink:

My email is

Hi there! My son Aidan (9) was diagnosed 9/1/15. I feel like I am drowning most days. I try to learn as much as possible about this disease but it all makes me so sad. I know exactly how you must feel! I feel the overwhelming pressure to show my son to be a fighter and be strong that I’m worried I don’t let him be sad enough when he needs to be. He has his “down days” and I try to just be extra positive and let him know he is strong enough to handle this and their are other kids out there fighting worse diseases then he is but I am seeing lately he is feeling I don’t care about his T1D. It’s so hard what we do as parents not to mention T1D parents! If you ever wanna talk… I’m here… Battling it with you!

My daughter is 14, diagnosed less than a year ago. I can identify with the Mack Truck feeling, and also the helplessness. Daily struggle to stay positive. Even close family members don’t understand. the fear, the unknown, the dynamic nature of diabetes. its downright maddening!!!
“just keep swimming” you are not alone

My older daughter was diagnosed almost 10 years ago… and like others have said, it hit our family like a Mack Truck! Wow - it was such a difficult time.

For our family, life did return to a “new normal” - no, it isn’t as easy as it was before T1D, but there also isn’t the same stress, confusion, and difficulty that there was at the beginning. Once of the best things that happened to us is that the local JDRF chapter introduced us to another family who had a child around our daughter’s age and we shared dinner with them… I was SHOCKED at what I saw. At a time when we were struggling with counting every carb, having to hold our daughter while she panicked about the shots, etc. - when we were with them for dinner, their family just had dinner. There wasn’t stress about counting carbs, or insulin ratios, or delivering insulin… it was “normal”. It was at that moment that I realized that life could truly be normal again, and from that moment forward, I had more hope. And yes, getting my kids involved in clinical trials, JDRF walks, etc. all helped our family feel like we had a little more control over this very difficult disease.

Sorry you are going through this… and sorry we all are. But, things will get better - both because things will feel more normal and because there are great advancements being made that really will improve the lives of all who deal with T1D.

I wish you the best. I promised it does get better and easier.

I am a T1 and it still hit us like a ton of bricks when my youngest daughter was diagnosed with T1 last July at the age of 6. I have been T1 since I was 15 and I’ve lived with it so long, it is just life. But going through all of it with my daughter has been the hardest thing in ever.

One thing I would like to share happened several years ago. A father with a T1 daughter told me that sometimes they have an “I Hate Diabetes” parade around the house. He said it really helped relieve some steam and lighten the moment. It had never occurred to me to do something like that. But now that I’m a mom of a T1, I see a few parades in our future, especially around dinner time when carb counting is the last thing my tired brain wants to do!

Does anyone else have some suggestions for ways to lighten the moment? Or the load? … I’d love to keep ‘chatting’ with y’all.