10 yr old son just diagnosed

We live in SC and I am not having any success finding support close to where we live. His dad is also a Type 1, but you are never prepared to hear that your child has it. I am trying really hard to hold it together and realize there are many on the same journey we are, but I am really scared, overwhelmed, and hurting for him. I have so many questions, but I feel like I am in a complete daze. When will I snap out of it so I can be the mom he needs right now?

Thank you…

Everything you were feeling is completely natural please allow yourself to feel. Please allow yourself to cry and get mad. They’re all part of the dealing process of having a child with type one diabetes. My son was diagnosed at the age of eight. Which was only two years ago. So I do know exactly what you’re going through. Usually your main hospitals have a Diabetic program for children. I am not in South Carolina I am in Florida. But you should be able to call his insurance company get a recommendation for the local Endocrinologist. Also call his pediatrician they should be able to refer you to a Endo Dr also.

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I live in Wi. I know exactly how you feel. Our daughter age 10 (just turned 11) was also just diagnosed February 11th. A day we will never forget. It is very overwhelming and very scary. When she was first diagnosed we didn’t know what to do except cry. It is a life changing experience and 4 months later we are still trying to get it right and questioning if what we are doing is right. I think in time it will become normal (I’m hoping) I am thankful it happened now and not when she was a teenager as I think the transition would have been much harder. Hang in there. All we can do is our best for our children.

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HI Mary,

I"m so sorry for your son’s recent diagnosis. My son was diagnosed at age 5, and although I have 2 siblings with the disease, nothing could have prepared me for how I would feel at my son’s diagnosis. I think it took about 4 months for me to feel like the world was spinning on its axis again. So yes, be good to yourself. Allow yourself to feel everything you’re feeling without any guilt or shame. It’s a very difficult place you are in right now, but know that you’re not alone.

Are any of the JDRF chapters near you? I did a quick search and it looks like there’s a presence in Greenville and Columbia. JDRF education conferences, the Friends For Life conference, and the Taking Control of your Diabetes conference are also opportunities for meeting people.

My recommendation for now is to trust that it will get better. I promise. Just love on your son right now. Learn as much as you can. Be good to yourself and have a good cry with a good friend. There are things that you feel you are losing right now, but there will also be things you will gain in terms of your relationship with your son. I have had so much 1 on 1 time with my son, especially when he was younger that I wouldn’t have had without the diabetes; our relationship is special. Keep the faith. The sun will come out again.

Sending you hugs and love.

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Our son was diagnosed at 7 and is almost 13. The first year was hard and emotional. T1 is tough at this age because just when you figure out the dosages, their body changes. What has worked best for us is to learn whatever we can, educate yourself but do not let it take over you or your sons life. Our son is a very active athlete and well adjusted child. We have told him everyone has something to deal with, if he takes care of himself, he will live a long happy life. Also, I would recommend talking to your Endo. about a CGM. The night was the worst for us because for lows and we were getting no sleep. Good luck, you will get through this.

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Hi Mary, I was diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6. Now I have been type 1 for 72 years. I do not have any serious diabetes related complications. With your help and help from his T1 father, your son has an excellent opportunity to live a long, healthy and happy life!
Good luck to you and your family!!


Our daughter was diagnosed just before she turned 5. She almost 11 now. She is also the first person on either side of our family that is Type 1, so we had no idea. The best thing one of the doctors who was doing rounds when she was diagnosed told me was that this is kind of like bringing home a new born child for the very first time. You are unsure, don’t know what to do, what to think, but give it about 3 months and you will be ok. He was right. I don’t really remember the first 3 months, I was in a daze. And it’s never easy, but it’s your new normal. I cried too, about her loosing part of her childhood (she had to grow up a lot for a 4 year old), I cried about all the things that she will have to think about and do that other kids/adults don’t have to. But she is healthy and happy!

We actually celebrate her diagnoses day every year! We call it “Celebrate Life”, we let the kids decide what they want to do. We have done everything from taking cake to swim team practice, to letting each kid take a friend with us and have a PLAY day where the kids decided what we did all day whatever they decide. We celebrate that there are people that because of the doctors that diagnosed her that she is alive, that there is medicine so she can live, that there are doctors/scientist working on a cure, and that we are all alive and doing well! It’s about her, but it’s about all of us too, her sister included. We all live with this. :slight_smile:

Good luck! You can do this!!!

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Wow, that’s an amazing story . You’ve lived thru so much , & have survived . The technology today is awesome . How inspiring your story is !!!


@Coleends @tblahblah @richardv @lillybella @bonnieoneil @jhout18 @CAW.11 Thank you all so much for your kind support. He has set goals for himself and has crushed them all. His strength amazes me and he is giving me the strength to handle this journey. We are at 14 days since he was diagnosed and placed in ICU. Today, he checks his BGL by himself, gives himself his insulin and journals all his food, BGLs and insulin amounts. We are of course battling highs and lows, but each day we learn more. I wish I could find a face to face support group in my area, but I have not had any success. I am just so thankful to have everyone on this page/group. I hope you all have a wonderful evening! And thank you again so much!


You will all get thru this. It’s so overwhelming, you feel , this can’t be happening, but then , your strength & growing knowledge , caring & the love :heart:️ for your child will guide you. It’s a lot to take in , & 10 years later after our grandson (who we are raising since birth ) diagnosed a day after he turned 4 yrs. old we are still learning things . It’s always changing as their bodies are changing . The technology today is awesome. Ask , all the questions you need answers too. The doctors told us from day 1 , we will become his doctor, as every child/person is different with T1D . Ive had many cries & why ??? But then life doesn’t stop & it’s our job to to keep moving forward. Continue to reach out in your home town. God Bless to you all . Coleen

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Hi Richard. I was just about yo reply to Mary when I read your post. So many of us are stating the day their child was diagnosed. My son at age 10, just 7 months ago. Reading your post is uplifting because it reminds those of us that our children can live long healthy lives. You were diagnosed and the technology and medications have come so far since then. Thank you for reminding us how we can do this. Especially with the advances and what is to come.

I felt exactly as each of the other moms do and still do. But because of your post it shows us how we can move ahead in a positive manner. Thank you again.

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Dear Mary,

Scared, overwhelmed and hurting? Yep, been there too! Many times. You are not alone. This is definitely a “family disease” where everyone in the family is affected. And I think that sometimes I hurt more than my 12 year old daughter who has T1D. I suffer more than I need to and that affects my daughter. She is teaching me to live one day at a time. Your son will do that for you too. My daughter showed me the way. She would ask me to kneel next to her bed at night and just hold her hand. We have found our way together. You will snap out of it when you are ready. Be kind and gentle to yourself. Big hugs to you.

My 9-year-old son was diagnosed last week. I’m having a hard time with it. Hang in there, everyone. We have to be strong for our children.

Hi Mary! I have been a type one diabetic since just before my tenth birthday. I can honestly say there are good and bad days just like everything else but at least it’s an illness that you can learn to control 95% of the time.

I remember the first couple of weeks during my diagnosis and I especially remember seeing my mom crying and thinking to myself “Why?” I didn’t understand the seriousness of what I was going through because she just made it all seem normal like “ok this is what we’re going to do and pay attention because you’re going to have to do this all yourself.” Little did I know she was paying way closer attention than I was. She taught me how to do everything alongside learning with me and she was the best.

It’s ok to cry and be upset but as long as you’re there to guide, he will be just fine along with your husband! No one else in my family understood like my mom did and I always felt safe because of that. He’s lucky to have a mom willing to learn and a dad who already knows.

As a 25 year old looking back on it my mom really helped me to feel normal and to be independent in terms of taking care of myself, better than anyone else! Hang in there it will get easier he will start learning how his body functions and his symptoms during emergencies. Just always express how important it is to be aware and to be prepared.

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