Mistakes I did

Hellow guys watsup!
Here is my yesterday’s HBA1C -6.0%
My target range was-below 5.7%

Here is the reason I didn’t reach my target🖋️.
Over the past 2months I have been living by assuming that I don’t have glucometer​:joy:, that means I didn’t check my blood sugar regularly,I used to check once per week and just living by how I feel, another mistake I think is on carb counting. Exercise I’ve been 75% consistency :relieved:
Then… What was your last A1c ??? Your target and possible mistakes you made? Feel free to share!

Hello @Ibrah

So if I understand you correctly, you tested your blood sugar about 1 time per week for 2 months.

And your a1c target was 5.7% (or less)

And your actual a1c was 6.0% by blood test?

Is this what you are saying?

Can I ask if you inject insulin?

@Ibrah I’m amazed at your numbers to say the very least, especially under the circumstances. My best are 6.7/6.8 - most recently 6.8. I know some people are under 6.0 but that’s not practical for me. My doctor is happy for me to be less than 7.

Hello @joe, I do inject insulin am on MDI and that A1c result shocked me because I was expecting it to be higher than that but unfortunately I was in range :joy:

Hello @wadawabbit thanks for response hope one day it will be below 6.0

That would not work for me - even using CIQ as I do I like and need to have a cushion. Some people can handle an A1C <6 but I would have or would be at risk of severe lows. 6.4 is considered the starting point for diabetes - at least it shows some further looking into is needed (forgive me - I’m not sure about the details or how to word it) so staying in the 6s is fine with me. Kudos to people like yourself who can keep them in the 5s so long as you do so safely.

5.4, six months after T1D diagnosis. It’s too low and probably one of my causes of fatigue along with insufficient sleep, maybe it causes that. At least some of it.
Moved my basal a bit lower and now I can’t snack enough because it doesn’t dip as low as before. But also I have a virus which must be affecting things (at least it has reduced my exercise).

Hi @jamesdb1 . When you say you can’t snack enough, are you saying you’re still hungry but eating will drive up your numbers? I enjoy snacks and used to have to snack between meals to keep from going low. That’s not the case so much now but I do get something if I’m hungry. You’re new to this so run this by your doctor for specific guidance but if you’re hungry and want a snack you could bolus for it to keep your numbers in line. Your nutritionist can also provide a list of “free foods” with little or no carbs.
I hope your doctor is helping you get to a point where you’re able to sleep well and enjoy what you’re used to. The way I look at it - and this is for me - I may not (actually cannot) function well with an A1c in the 5s. There are people who do just fine with an A1c in the non-diabetic range, and for those who can, great. Depending on the reference you use, 6.7/6.8 puts me hovering in the mid to high 140s. I feel good, function well, think clearly, and have a cushion if something does cause me to drop and CIQ doesn’t recover quickly enough. I could certainly tighten that up a bit and shoot for the 120s with the same benefit. But if I get under 100 I don’t feel confident about driving (sometimes I have to just pick up and go) and just regular around the house activities may cause me to drop.
Now that’s my body. Your needs will be different. But work with your doctor to find a healthy goal range and A1C that works for you.

Thanks for the comments. I am a pretty dedicated amateur vegan nutritionist and have been for 6-7 years. So I am pretty comfortable designing my diet, it’s mostly about finding out where my levels are. And I feel as though my levels haven’t settled as much as they might over time. 5.4 put my average around 110, but came with a significant number of dips below 70. I’d like to reach the same average, but without the dips. Indeed I am in touch with the doctor, I had to get a new pen prescribed so I could administer half unit doses. But honestly, I think it’s mostly a fine tuning process at the moment.
(I like to be able to have a snack between each big meal, for me that fits naturally with the human metabolism, but perhaps I no longer conform with a natural human metabolism)…
Thanks for your thoughts.

I had A1C’s in the 5,4-6.0 range for many years, but I also had too many lows below 70. My present endocrinologist insisted I have A1C’s at 6.0 or greater. I have been in the 6.0-6.4 range for the past 7 years, with fewer times with blood sugar below 70. I don’t see the advantage of having A1C’s below 6.0 unless there are few, if any, lows below 70.
I am type 1 for 76 years, with no serious complications. My A1C’s in the low 6’s are good for me.


Hello @richardv am really inspired and happy to see you doing fine at your 80’s.it is true being with A1c below 6.0 there high risk of hypos.but there are people who make it with 5.4! I think this is matter of what works for me and what works for you!.hope one day I see my 80’s with no serious complications.

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Your admirable goal range and A1c are up to you. I would just say, leave yourself a cushion. I didn’t see anything about how long you’ve had T1 but if you’re new you may be in the honeymoon stage and your body might unexpectedly make its own contribution of insulin. Also, aiming for absolute best is great and honorable, but too much of anything - even water or exercise - can be harmful. That said, there are some individuals who feel miserable if they hit 110 so it is personal. Just be sure you - and yours - are safe and don’t feel badly is you need to aim a little higher at some point.
Just so long as what you’re doing is safe.