i have been diabetic for like 10 years and im 14 now and evr since i can remember my a1c's have been in the 6's and my endo tells me thats perfect... recently i got my bloodwork done and my a1c went up from 6.5 to 7.0 now i get that 7.0 isnt bad but its weird for that number to be over 6.8 :P... what about a1c's for all of u guys???


My A1C's were really good in the beginning then i went on the pump and just started eating a bolusing and never checking my sugars so my A1C got worse and worse and were at an 11 at one point. But now i switched back to insulin shots and took better control of my sugars and hoping my A1C gets better. Hopee this helpss!

Bye :)

I think that just randomly happens to be honest. I have been T1 for 30 years and keep close watch on my blood sugar and A1C's but my last check up it was 7.1. I have not been over 6.4 in the last 10 years that I can recall. I can't explain it. I am going next week for a visit and I hope it is down. I decided to not dwell on it or beat myself up. Sometimes it is just what it is. I bet your next one will be perfect again!


What is your A1c goal?  I've never had one until I started hanging out at juvenation. I've always been in the low 6 range.  Which my dr was fine with.  But after reading about other people on juvenation I established my goal at 5.9 and that is what I was.  Don't settle for 6.5 or higer, you know you can get there. 



back in October 2010 my a1c was 6.5....now it's 6.2%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!