Minimed CGM Carelink software

What do you think about the Carelink software available for free on Minimed's website?  I was having a wicked hard time getting the detail out of it to help make basal changes...My endo's office let me borrow the professional software last week and I downloaded it at home...what a difference!! I feel like I have all the tools in my hands now. 

i think it's okay.  it's always worked for me, I use it to see where my standard deviations are wide and where my modal averages are.  works great.   I don't think I would use it for making basal changes...  because there a lot of  fasting/not fasting data that might be hard to filter out.  I kinda just do basal rate checking the old fashioned way.  hope the pro tools work for you.

I've only been able to download the Carelink software on my old desktop (about the only reason I keep it around now).  My notebook is Windows 7 and I can't get the download to work.