Medtronics "Carelink" Software

Hi Folks,

  I recently retired from a position that provides its employees Windows based PCs.  During my employment I would transmit, using the Medtronic "Carelink" software which I loaded onto my equipment, all my BG testing, insulin dosages, etc., to a centralized location where I could then produce various reports detailing my success and/or failure at maintaining my BG numbers.  Once home full time I decided to learn about the iMac world and now use it at home for all my internet/email interaction.  

  But, I have been unable to load the Medtronic software on this machine (the cd being the smaller type won't even load into the player) and therefore have lost all ability to easily upload and review the pertinent information.   I also understand there may be issues with Apple allowing Medtronics access to aspects of their hard and software.

  I'm wondering if anyone else has come across this situation and perhaps can provide an alternative method. 




From what I have been told is their software doesn't work on Mac's.  Apparently there is some sort of driver on your computer that you must use that is window's based.  I would call the Medronic folks and talk with them as they are very good at helping me out with my questions.  Before it was upgraded for Window's 7 64hz computers I could upload on my work computer which used XP and read at home over the internet, as long as I used the XP for the uploads.  Then finally they updated to window's 7 with the 64hz computer.  

Today I have been on a twitter hashtag conversation  #MedtronicDAF with people of the diabetes online community who are participating in the first ever Medtronic Minimed Diabetes Advocacy Forum in LA. I was suppose to attend but couldn't go.

They got word from the people at Minimed that there would be a MAC compatibility announcement next week!!!!


Here are the tweets!!


  Many thanks for sharing this exciting information.  And, another muchas gracias to all those tweeters.

  OK, Monday has come and gone.  I've checked the Medtronics web site several times as of looking for any information about them finally recognizing and working with iMacs but..........nada, zilch, nothing as of yet.

  Do you have any knowledge about how this new feature of the Carelink hard and software is going to come to fruition and how we can get hold of it?



I met with my local Medtronic representative a few weeks ago before I bought the pump and she told me that within the month the software would be compatible with Apple.  Hopefully, when it does happen, we won't have to pay for the software...they should provide one for their current customers haha.



Definitely. I've got a MacBook and I would LOVE it if it were compatible! Have you heard anything else since then?

Hi everyone... I have a MacBook Pro and I am able to use the Medtronic Carelink software on it.  I just got the software 3 weeks ago, so I am not sure if there was an update?  I did notice, though, that it ONLY works if I am using the Safari browser and not Firefox.

Does anyone other than me have issue with the intraday time periods within Carelink? Oh how I dislike those; due to my job I have 3 different schedules that I keep, and with my 530g I have different basil settings set up for each of the different schedules but when I upload to Carelink, I can’t tell which schedule I was on for which day, and then it groups all of my BG tests into the intraday time periods which are wrong for me at least 66% of the time (my schedules have me working days & nights, so ‘Breakfast’ can be anywhere from 4 a.m., to 8 p.m. depending on the schedule) I would love to either find a way to shut this intraday time periods off, or be able to set up variables which would match my pumps basil patterns; but so far Medtronic doesn’t seem to receptive. I was told, I could run 3 day reports (since my schedule typically runs for 3 days at a time), and then go into the settings preferences and change them for the next 3 day cycle, but then that only gets me reports for 3 days at a time.

I think Medtronic is a dinosaur that needs to die through competition, like Dexcom g5 CGM, for example. The limitations of Carelink is another example. For one, you must use javascript for it to work even though the two most significant web browsers, Google Chrome and Firefox, both abandoned it awhile back because of security risks.

Knowing that, Medtronic has yet to improve Carelink to work without Java. This shows how much Medtronic cares about its customers.

My pain in working with Medtronic is why I haven’t upgraded to it’s 670g partially closed loop control pump/cgm combo. I am going to invest in hardware that will let me build an OpenAps closed loop pump. My problem will be if or when my 530g goes belly up and I am forced to trade up, to a model not supported by OpenAps.