Medtronic vs tandem

Okay guys, I’ve asked about pump reccomendations before buuuuut I’m back! I think I’ve narrowed it down to the Medtronic or the tandem with dexcom. I’m really torn right now on what to do. I like that I can do dexcom with the tandem, that the tandem is less bulky and that you can do software updates. I know the Medtronic closed loop system is one of the best though and that Medtronic is a great company. My diabetes care specialist straight up told me that she is super biased towards Medtronic though and that most people she works with choose that pump and I also feel like my endo is pushing me towards Medtronic as well. What do you guys think?? I don’t want to pick a pump solely based on my health team pushing me towards it but I also feel like they know best. What are your guys experiences with these two pumps? Has anyone else dealt with doctors clearly being biased?

Extra note: if I go on Medtronic I have to use the 630 for 13 months before I can upgrade to the 670. Tricare standard I guess.

Hi Ashley,

I’ve been using a Medtronic 530 pump for a couple of years and I like it a lot! I’ve also been considering getting a new pump sometime soon. Between the Medtronic 670G system and the new Tandem pump, I’m leaning towards the Tandem. From what my friends with diabetes have told me, the Medtronic 670G still has a lot of kinks to be worked out. Also, from the sounds of it, the Medtronic system is better if you are on a regular schedule with food and working out. I don’t have first-hand experience, but that’s just what I’ve heard, and it could be a totally different story for you! Everyone’s diabetes is different.

I did just start using the Dexcom G6 and I am in LOVE with it! It has really eased the burden of diabetes. Even the G5 was really wonderful! When I compare my Dexcom CGM to the old Medtronic CGM, I am totally on Dexcom’s side, which is why I’m interested in the Tandem pump next. I definitely want to keep my Dexcom.

In the end though, each option is going to have its downside and its upside, so go with whatever you feel comfortable with. Personally, I would go with Tandem, but that’s just me!

Here’s a link to a review on the T-Slim pump that might provide more insight!

@flebeccaann so you’ve been using the Medtronic and the dexcom together? They don’t integrate together, right?


Yep that’s right! They don’t integrate together. I know it’s not the ideal set up, which is why I’m thinking to get a Tandem pump soon so I can have them integrate together. For now though, it’s working for me.

@flebeccaann ugh I just wish they integrated. Best of both worlds. I’m so torn between this decision.

Only Medtronic devices will communicate with Medtronic devices and it appears that Medtronic wants to keep it that way.
I’ve only used MiniMed [Medtronic] pumps the last two with CGM connectivity, but I’ve recently begun using the Dexcom G5 - two reasons, Medicare full coverage and Medtronic discontinued the CGM which talked with my pump.

Tandem is going live with a closed loop system using Dexcom G6. You might want to take a look at that.

I’ve been using the Medtronic system for the last 2 years and I love it! The new 670G is awesome and the newest CGM is equal to the Dexcom from what I read and hear. It is totally up to you, but I like the freedom the hybrid closed loop offers me. Many complain that having an average BG of 120 is too high for them. I was of that school until I realized that reduced stress outweighs a super low BG. Sometimes I even forget I’m a T1D!

I have used many different pumps over the last 20 years. I think tandem has the best upgradable system and Dexcom has best CGM. I put my weighting towards CGM and the integration with pump. Your health care provider receives many perks so can’t blame them but if they aren’t wearing a pump for long periods of time their opinion doesn’t count as much.

I’ve used Medtronic pumps for years. That being said this last time I got the Tandem tslim for a few reasons. Being on Medicare and Mcare now covering the Dexcom CGM, I figured my best bet to get to a hybrid closed loop would be with Tandem. The system is upgradeable and the screen is SO much easier for me to read. It didn’t take me long to learn the pump. Like others have said, there are pluses and minuses for each. Do your research and choose what you think is best for you. P


My doctor has suggested the medtronic for years, but in September I switched with
her recommendations to the Tandem and the CGM. I love the CGM and I hope to get the software upgrade soon. It is being offered and I am pretty excited that I will not have anymore lows, as the insulin turns off.

Anita Nerwen

Tandem will soon update its software to use the Dexcom G6 to have the same type of closed loop system the Medtronic has now. See the article It is supposed to be available in August. The Dexcom G6 sensors each last 10 days, which is longer than other sensors. And I believe their sensors are less likely to cause allergic reactions. Also, the Tandem pump is smaller and lighter.

@ksannie Hi! a clarification: The Tandem/G6 in the article is for basal suspend only (similar to the previous/older generation of medtronic pumps) and not actually closed loop insulin delivery that the Medtronic 670g currently uses… I should add… when it’s working.

You are correct, but they do expect to add the automatic bolus feature early next year.

Also, the Dexcom G6 requires no finger pricks for calibration, and I understand the Medtronic glucose sensors require 2 to 4 finger prick calibrations per day.

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Thank you for all the replies guys! I’m still torn between the two. My diabetes educator let me wear the Medtronic for a few days and I didn’t mind it. She doesn’t even have a dexcom or tandem pump for me to see and kind of get a feel for. I’m thinking I’ll need to contact a rep myself and see if I can get some more Info (she doesn’t have rep info either). To me a better cgm kind of out weighs the pump because my bg is what everything is based upon and I’ve heard a lot of people have had issues with the guardian sensor. Not sure if any of you have the answer to this but I’m also concerned about price. I’m not sure if one is more expensive without insurance than the other. I only have my tricare insurance til Jan 2020 when my husband gets out of the military and there will probably be a short period of time I don’t have insurance. I don’t want to pick a super expensive pump and not be able to afford it while switching insurances.

I have used a Medtronic insulin pump for 16 years. I have been a huge advocate for this company, until this year. I have had a couple issues with their product and their customer service has gone in the hole.
I am not eligible for a new pump for two more years, but when I am, I’m switching to the Tandem.

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Hi Ashley,
These are big decisions for you and I’m sensitive to the position your endocrinologist is partial to Medtronic. But I have not had good experiences with their sensors. I’ve been a TD1 for 58 years and used a pump for over 20 years. For most of that time I used a Medtronic pump with their sensors. This year I switched to the Omnipod system with Dexcom sensors. I can’t say enough about the Dexcom sensors. They are the best! I used the Medtronic sensors and still had to test 8-9 times a day because I couldn’t trust their sensors. The Medtronic pump was fine, but I prefer the Omnipod system.

Hi Ashley,

I’m a parent, not a T1D myself. I’m a major proponent for the Dexcom/Tandem setup (my son has these), in part because of user interface being more up to date, and reports that the Dexcom sensors are much easier to deal with than the one Medtronic has for the 670G. That being said, it’s YOUR body and your choice.

The TSlim X2 with basal IQ aid right around the corner (debuts this month) so if you’re going that route, just make sure that you’re getting that updated software.

I don’t know how old you are or what’s important to you, but for our family, having 2 children with T1D, we have done a lot of research and believe strongly in Omnipod with dexcom G6. Having a TUBELESS pump is very much ideal for youth, as it keeps them untethered. And the G6 is great both for no pricks and sending data to phones. It may still be 1-2 years, but they are also working together on a closed loop system.

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I just started using the 670g and I was having issues with the sensor and/or transmitter. I have used up so many test strips because it kept asking me for my bg to put me into auto mode but it wouldn’t put me into auto mode. Got a new transmitter yesterday, kept me up most of the night asking me to calibrate or need bg for auto mode. Ignored for a while, put in my bg and now it’s working. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong, it’s really frustrating.