MiniMed switch to tandem feedback?

Hi. I am recently new to, and have been scouring, this forum (thank you. I love it!)
I use enlite sensors and am up for a pump change to allow me to use the improved guardian sensor system — in December. I love what I’ve read and seen on the tslim with Dexcom G6. Would love to hear from anyone who uses this who has also used Medtronic prior. I am a little concerned on the tubing release that sticks out from the tslim pump. Also I often wear my pump on my bra strap. Literally center of my chest. This way I don’t have a protrusion on my waistband and fortunately it’s typically not noticed with the exception of workout clothing which Is more snug (i do spin and hot yoga regularly. Thanks in advance for any advice!! I’ve been T1D for 20 years. 19 on Medtronic devices. Like many of you I deal with pump/sensor frustration often.

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I posted this on another question, but I thought it may help you, too.

Hi! I recently switched from Medtronic to Tandem!

I used Medtronic for 18 years and 2 weeks ago I switched to Tandem. I’ve felt for the last few years that Medtronic has been “behind in the times”. Medtronic is the industry leader and they’ve never had a lot of competition. In fact, they’ve bought out other companies that have come into the market. I think that’s why they haven’t had to try very hard when it comes to coming out with new pump features - there’s nobody to compete with!

I absolutely love the Tandem and it does so many things better than Medtronic in my honest opinion. No pump is perfect, but Tandem is doing things NOW that Medtronic is announcing they will start doing in 2021 or even later. I’m worried that Tandem will eventually get bought-out by Medtronic. You see, Medtronic only got color screens within the last few years, even though smartphones have had color screens for … what? 15 years at least?? I feel that Medtronic has never needed to really stretch themselves since there were no worthy competitors. But then Tandem came and actually interviewed T1Ds and our doctors and gave us the features we’ve needed and wanted! They unleashed a pump with Bluetooth updates (that’s what sold me). Nothing is worse than getting a new pump only for it to be out-of-date 6 months later (then you have to wait, like, 4 years to upgrade).

What I love about Tandem:
It pairs with the Dexcom (let’s be honest, the Medtronic Guardian CGM was never very accurate, at least not for me … and I’m sick of fingersticks!)
It has Bluetooth updates (instead of getting a new pump every 4 years or so, you can just update your pump with new features! AWESOME! Medtronic won’t do this until at least 2020).
The overall look of it is more like a phone or music device than a pump, which is great for people who are sick of getting questions like “What is that??” I also like the look because it looks modern and the Medtronic 670G still looks like, well, a pump. It still has buttons! Smartphones haven’t had buttons in, like, a decade!
The size is a dream come true! It’s SOOOO discreet!

The threshold suspend on the Medtronic pump I had was so horrible, I disabled it. The suspend feature (called “Basal-IQ”) on the Tandem has been life-changing for me. No more lows at night! I don’t even worry about lows anymore!

My doctor said most of his patients are on the Medtronic 670G and according to him, “The basal auto-mode is pretty bad … my patients actually have to LIE to their pumps to get it to do what they want it to do!”

All of this said, the only thing I miss about Medtronic was the equipment (the quickset infusion site was better than the Tandem’s AutoSoft 90). I also miss how much easier it was to change my Medtronic pump.

But overall, I’m happy with my Tandem. In fact, my grandmother who is also a Type 1 got a Tandem last week after seeing how great mine has been. I used to have lows several times a day. I’ve had one low in 2 weeks. I love the Tandem!


Hi Sue @SChristou, like Justyne @JKKS I recently switched from MiniMed / Medtronic pumps to the Tandem t-Slim x2 and really like almost everything about it. I endorse most of what Justyne wrote. The one thing I do not like is the cartridge filling procedure - mush more time consuming and work when compared with the Medtronic reservoir.

The Tandem XC-30 infusion sets are simpler to use than the Medtronic Silhouette sets. What I like is the ability to update software through the internet which foregoes frequent purchase of new pumps - at the rate technology is [wonderfully] progressing I can have the “latest” without waiting five [5] years for Medicare to allow me an upgrade. The Tandem Basal-IQ is good and the “Control-IQ” operating system is now in the final stages of approval and will probably be released this year.


Echoing the other comments. Dexcom G6 integration alone makes it worthwhile to switch to Tandem. After 18 years with Medtronic, I’m done with them.


Wow! Thank you. I contacted Tandem today and am starting the process. Want to try it on See how it looks and feels. Etc. And have to check on insurance as I have UHC and know that will be a fight. She told me other big companies hv successfully gotten Tandem to be covered in network so, need be I will be working on that too. I will be as thorough as I can and, I will continue reading what others have to say on this forum. Thank you!

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Another 20+ year user of Minimed pumps who switched to Dexcom G6 sensors (last September) , and a Tandem tSlim X2 in January.

The G6 alone was a HUGE upgrade. Mostly due to the accuracy without having to calibrate, but the ten day wear time and the app were significant as well.

Once I switched to Tandem, I saw what others on this thread reported, Tandem’s Basal-IQ algorithm is vastly superior to Medtronic’s threshold suspend, and can actually predict and prevent lows. I will be upgrading to Control-IQ as soon as it’s available.

I quickly got used to the t:lock connectors and the very different process for filling the reservoir.

In my opinion, the reason the Medtronic is easier to fill–cylindrical reservoir that can plug right in to an insulin bottle–is one of the reasons it’s so much larger than the Tandem, that and using disposable batteries instead of integrated batteries. For me, Tandem’s features make this an acceptable trade-off.

Good luck and I hope it works out for you.


I switched from Medtronic to Tandem plus Dexcom. I was allergic to the glucose sensors from Medtronic. But once I switched, the two reasons I would never switch back are: the touch screen on the Tandem for putting in numbers (like carbs) and the much smaller size of the pump, so it fits in smaller pockets and does not stick out so much under clothing, wherever you wear it.


Did the switch after 29 years with Medtronic. Could not be happier. I am also covered on UHC. I managed to get my Tandem+Dexcom system covered as in-Network after ~3.5 months of pushing. Just posted how I did it. Let me know if I can be of any assistance to you as you go through the process.


Thanks for all the feedback!
I just met with my local rep for Tandem and I’m sold! :slight_smile:
counting down the days till I can officially switch!
Warranty is up at the end of November!

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Hi Charles Just starting this process
Any tips? Feel free to call if you prefer! 908/

Thank you all for this information. I spoke to Tandem today. I have had a Medtronic or Minimed pump since 1993. Twenty eight of the thirty eight years I’ve been T1D. I’m ready to jump ship. Everything I hear about the 670g is not good. Especially the number of calibrations required and having to use manual mode at night to stop alarms. It totally defeats the purpose of having a closed loop system. I love my Dexcom G5. I think the Dexcom with the Tandem is the way to go. My Medtronic warranty expires at the end of November. This will be a big step for me.

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Doing the exact same! Praying UHC accepts

This may get a bit long winded, so forgive me…

The process to get an override took me about 3 months. This is how I did it:

Don’t try to argue a Tandem pump is better than a Medtronic. It will not work. Both electro-mechanical devices are the same from a clinical perspective. The key is to go after the efficacy and cost of the CGM system.

Here is the framework of the argument I made in the letter and dataset I sent (and you will as well) post initial denial of coverage. You will have to use paper and snail mail per the UHC process. All data is sent to their review center in UT.


  1. Accuracy of the Dexcom is higher leading to decreased hypoglycemic event risk (death, long term complications, etc). Accuracy data is available for each sensor on Medtronic and Dexcom’s websites. This is clinical trial data and hard to rationally dispute, no matter how small. Conclusion: The Dexcom G6 only works on the Tandem, not Medtronic.

  2. 5-year cost of the Dexcom is Lower Part 1. If the Dexcom lasts 10 days and the Medtronic lasts 7 days…UHC buys fewer sensors. Simple math, 15 fewer sensors each year times the cost per sensor times 5 years of pump warranty life. Conclusion: UHC and me will spend less money using the more accurate safer Dexcom CGM system that only works with the Tandem pump.

  3. 5-year cost of the Dexcom is lower Part 2. The Dexcom CGM does not require calibrations…therefore I do not need as many BG strips per year. I assumed I would use 1/2 my typical BG strips per year. This is an assumption, but so far is proving to be fairly accurate. Simply math, take your annual cost of BG strips multiply by 5 years for pump life and multiple by 1/2. Conclusion: UHC and me will spend less money using the more accurate safer Dexcom CGM system that only works with the Tandem pump.

I intentionally made my argument a data driven non-emotional argument to avoid allowing them to dismiss my claim. While I am an engineer and have been told at times am devoid of emotion :slight_smile:), I frikkin’ hate useless middlemen non-value-add insurance companies. I sent a formal letter and all the data and references used for calcs.

In the end, UHC approved my claim and now cover the Tandem In-Network. However, my supplies have to be purchased from third parties (Byram Healthcare for pump supplies and Advance Diabetes Supply for Dexcom) since UHC does not have direct supply contracts. As in life, its not all roses, third party medical supply companies are adequate at-best. I have yet to find one that is as easy to work with as Medtronic was. I will take the hassle to get the benefits of the Tandem and Dexcom combo.


Thank you so much Charles! And, by the way, i haven’t done a finger stick at all to be honest! Love that and yes saves $$ for all!

does your insurance cover the tandem in network? mine does not. my doctor is working on the appeal now. praying no issues

Are you able to share the data for my argument with UHC?

@therick798 Welcome Rick to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! I hope that you will find supportive information here and that you will visit often and share your insight on living with diabetes.

You don’t mention what stage you are in in “your argument with UHC”, or what you have attempted. My insurer is UHC and I knew that UHC had an exclusive contract with Medtronic, so that when I decided that a Tandem t-Slim x2 was best for proper management of my diabetes - a medical necessity, I contacted the Tandem company and let those experts work out the details. I received my new pump within about a month; the only action I needed to take was answering a few questions and having my endocrinologist agree with me [I had discussed in detail with her my reasons for the x2] and properly write the prescription.

Hi @SChristou,

Happy December! How is your upgrade going?

I had to ask because my system will arrive on Friday! I hope all is well and Happy Holidays to you!

Hi Amber! I never fought UHC as my insurance changes Jan 1! My new provider covers Tandem. I’ll be calling that day to order! Congrats and Let me know how it goes!
Happy Holidays!


    December 2

Hi @SChristou,

Happy December! How is your upgrade going?

I had to ask because my system will arrive on Friday! I hope all is well and Happy Holidays to you!

Hi Amber!! Did you get your Tandem?? How’s it going?? How do you like the Dex G6??

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