Medtronic Mio sets cannula kink?

I recently switched from Animas Ping with the 30 degree insets, to a Medtronic 670g. Because the sets are proprietary, I had to pick something from Medtronic, and I have scar tissue from all my years using the sets. Endo recommended the Mio, since I am really uptight about inserting the sets, an all in one has always worked better for me. At this rate, I’m changing sets three at a time because of kinked cannulas, and it’s getting ridiculous, and expensive. Has anyone else had this issue, or is it just me?

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@JanS Welcome Jan to the JDRF TypeOneNation forum! We are happy that you found us and we welcome you to continue reading, posting your questions and offering suggestions based on your life with diabetes.

In addition to Mio and other 90 degree infusion sets, Medtronic offers " Silhouette infusion set" which is inserted at between a 30 and 45 degree angle in both 13 mm and 17 mm cannula length. I began using these after building up scar tissue after 50 or 66 years; I now use a similar Tandem infusion set and find the longer length cannula have worked well for me. I also bought an inserter device [large and awkward but works well] from Medtronic.

Good luck finding something that works for you.

I was using the Inset 30 (30 degree insertion) when I had the Animas Ping (Animas no longer in the pump business) for 12 or so years. While the 90 degree was recommended to bypass what scar tissue I might have built up, the main issue is that I am having multiple failures… the inset failed again yester day, making 3 times I have had multiple failures in a row - changing sets 3 or 4 times in the span of a 24-48 period causes aggravation, pain, expense and horribly fluctuating BGs.

Thanks for you suggestions, I will most definitely be looking at other infusion sets.

Hi there. I use Tandem’s T-Slim Pump and Autosoft 30 infusion sets so I’m on a different product. But I wanted to suggest if you have repeated issues be sure to contact Medtronic. Whenever I’ve had an issue with my devices they ask me for the lot number, and if your problems have all been with the same box that could well be the problem. It sounds like you’re an experienced pumper so may have done this, but I thought I would shoot you a reminder in case you haven’t. Wishing you well.

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Thank you for your response, WW. I am already looking into other sets, since I have had another round of failures, and made sure I pulled them from a different lot. I will be getting in touch with Medtronic, who so far was very helpful with the transition, and see if they can send me samples of the 30 degree insets. Of course one has to buy the insertion device separately, but might be worth the investment to find something that works for me.

I think the mio works best if you have little scar tissue and a little more body fat. In the last year I have lost a bunch of weight and was having issues with similar problems with the mio. While speaking to one of the medtronics tech support people trying to figure out what to do about the multiple failures they asked about my weight and they offered to send me a sure T infusion set to replace the mio which only lasted a day . I have been slowly working through my mios by being extremely careful on my site selection and managing to get most of them working. Last week I had one last a couple hours so I called up medtronics and talked about scar tissue and how I was having problems with them mio sets. I am getting near the point where I will have to order some new ones so I asked about trying the Silhouette infusion sets instead of having more mios. The person I spoke with was nice and sent me the Silhouette to replace the problem mio. She even sent me Serta insertion device.

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@MikeW That sounds just like me. Yes, I’m sure I have scar tissue build up, after 12 years or so on a pump, it has to be. I believe I will have to also try the Silhouette since I am very lean. Thanks for responding!

Hi @MikeW

Sorry to hear that the Sure T’s didn’t work for you. Can you tell me why they only lasted a day for you? Currently using them, but always open to hear other people’s opinions of them :slight_smile:

i just reread my post the mio’s sometimes only last a day or so. The sure t’s seem to be ok. at this point i’m probably going to split my next order between sure t’s and the sillouettes to see how they work outAt this point I’ve only had a few sure t’s and sillouettes to play with. At this point I think I like the sure t’s better. Sorry for any confusion!

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No worries!

My Mio’s had the same timeline as yours. Very glad I made the switch to Sure T. Glad that those are working out for you :slight_smile:

@ANC8495 Amber Since now I’m considering the Sure Ts, my understanding is they have a metal cannula. Being as lean as I am, my concern is that I will actually feel the cannula, and I’m not sure I will like that. Is there a sensation with them, or is all imagined on my part? I’m thick skinned, so tell me if I’m off track.

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Morning Jan,

Correct on the metal cannula; they come in 6mm or 8mm

Not going to lie to you, I’ve put a couple in the wrong spot on my stomach and sides at times and felt them in bed. :weary: not bad enough to where I would stop using them, but very very uncomfortable

When this does happen, and I know it’s going to be a problem, I simply adjust and place in a new spot (using skintac and hypafix to keep it in place). After this, I’m set.

Again, this has only happened to me when I’m using it on my stomach and laying directly on it (I’m 5’5, 140’ish). I’m waiting for my x2 so that I can use the TruSteel 42" (Medtronic gave me 23" and I’m super limited to spots)

I always pinch before inserting and I do it and kind of lay in bed to “test” the new spot.

Very happy with them! Hope this helps.


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