Cannula Kinking?

Hello all!
I am a new pumper (medtronic) using the mio infusion set. On two occasions I have noticed that my blood sugar was sky high and no insulin was passing through the cannula. I removed the infusion set and the cannula was bent in half. It happened back to back, with the same batch of Mio pods. I reported it to Medtronic. Have any of you experienced this? I’m confused on how this can happen since the needle inserts the cannula straight in. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I don’t know how that happens although it happened to me. I have used the Medtronic “Quickset” for years with only a relatively few times having the cannula getting badly disrupted and at those times because of some activity.

A couple of years ago I had Medtronic send me a couple of the Mio to see if I might want to change - I had problems with two of the Mio cannulas. At the time, I just figured that I had messed up on insertion. On one of my attempts I realized that I had now removed the almost invisible, my eyesight isn’t always the best, cannula guard that must come off before insertion.

Yeah, I had the same problem with the QuickSet and other 90-degree sets. I switched to the Silhouette and problem solved. I can go in at a pretty shallow angle, maybe 15-20 degrees, and it works great.

Good morning and welcome to the pumping legions! I find my cannula (minimed quickset) kinks if I’m inserting in dense scar tissue. Since you’re new to pumping, and unless you are using the same general area you used for injections, it may not be the cause for you. Is your cannula too long? I used a Mio only once, and I was testing out using a 6mm in my hip or thigh instead of the 9mm I use in my abdomen, so I can’t report if the kinking is indicative of the Mio cannula or not. Check with your endo to get in touch with the Minimed representative in your area (don’t call the customer service line). Ask the local area representative about the kinking and ask to try samples of the other infusion sets Medtronic has for your pump. The worst thing that can happen is you find you like the Mio best.

Good luck!

Call Medtronic they will send you samples of other sets and help you troubleshoot

A year after I was diagnosed I got the Medtronic. My bg was just skyrocketing with the cannula so I did not have the cannula anymore.