Medtronic insertion sets

When first diagnosed just over 3 years ago, I got the Medtronic pump with the 9mm Mio insertion sets. After a while, as I have a really low BMI and not much fat on me I switched to the 6mm. Since moving to the 6mm Mio, I have found that if it gets a slight kink through lying on it or hitting muscle, it doesn’t deliver the insulin as well. I was reading that the Silhouette insertion set is more suited to low BMIs. Have you used the Silhouette insertion set and how have you found it? I am 5ft 10, very slim with my veins near to the surface. I am trying to find an insertion set that is more slim friendly

I had the same problem when I was first diagnosed and started on the Medtronic pump and infusion sets. I have been using the Minimed Sure-T for almost 8 years now and I love them. The don’t kink and they stay in even with some severe tugs. I highly recommend these infusion sets.

Hello @jm1977, for years I exclusively used the Medtronic “9mm QuickSet”, always in my belly, and they worked well until about one year ago; my BMI is less than 20. Because of areas of scar tissue [I’ve been shooting up with insulin for 60+ years] I began using Medtronic “17mm Silhouette” in my belly and find they work quite well even when the cannula sometimes get a bend in it - I just received a shipment of the 13mm Silhouette and will insert my first one later today.
I’ve also been, for the last year, using Medtronic 6mm and 9mm QuickSet in my biceps.

I’ve been using the Silhouette Paradigm 13mm infusion sets for 11 years or so and have never had a problem. (Now watch, when I change my reservoir this evening everything will blow up…)

Like Dennis, I’ve been using insulin for 60+ years and do have some scar tissue. But, so long as I am careful where the cannula ends up, I don’t have problems with insulin absorption.

Like you, I have very little body fat (<7%) so where I install the infusion set is a bit critical. And so is my “technique” getting the cannula into the subcutaneous layer of my skin. But, so far, the 13mm silhouettes have worked well.

Good luck!



I am a very slim build with veins close to the surface as well! I originally was going to do the Medtronic but my dr said with my build it was smarter to go for the Onmipod since the sets are much smaller and not as long. I’ve been on the omnipod for 6+ years and have NEVER had a kink issue (even through dance and being a nursing student)! The omnipod company does a trade in system with other brands of pumps as well as you can request a demo kit to try it out! Definitely a great option!