Quick-set medtronic infusion site blockage

Hello JDRF group-

Looking for some help. I have a minimed pump and I am using the quick-set infusion sites. I have now gone through 8 different sets, with each one kinking after insertion. I have attached a picture of what it looks like.

The sets look normal/intact before insertion. I use the insertion device, I have tried multiple body locations, and I have no visible/palpable scar tissue.

Furthermore my pump isn’t alarming saying I have an insulin flow blockage- I only know because my blood sugar is high (dexcom) and not responding to correction.

I have used the other infusion sets in the past- mio, silhouette, and sure-t.

Has anyone had this happen before? Does anyone have fool-proof ways of insertion that won’t result in kinking of the cannula. I know there was a recall years ago, but this is a different lot number. I’ve already talked to Medtronic who said the sets were probably faulty


@AnnaNew Anna, hello and Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation forum! Ugggggg, I hear your frustration.

I used the “QuickSet” for many years, three different MiniMed Paradigm pumps and would occasionally see my cannula bent like that when I removed it, but with only a ‘slight’ bend mine still delivered - I did need to occasionally make a replacement early. The method I used to avoid this, when the bends started coming more often, was to switch to the infusion sets that go in at an angle - 30 to 60 degrees. I forget now the exact name by which they are called, but I do remember that they are available in both 13 mm and 17 mm cannula lengths; the 13 mm worked well for me, and I now use a very similar Tandem set,

As to no alarms when delivery is interrupted. That too, was one of my complaints with those pumps. The MiniMed/Medtronic pumps I used did not detect an occlusion until about 8 hours AFTER it occurred.

I hope soo, that you will find a solution - and please continue posting here.

I used the same sets when I was on Minimed (Medtronic) and the equivalent now with my TSLIM pump. I switched to the 30 degree insertion sets a while back - I felt more confident about the insertion since I could press my finger over the cannula to hold it in place as I withdraw the introducer. Add long as I do that it works nicely.

I just switched back to the quick-sets (initially switched because the quick sets got blocked too easily and my endocrinologist thought I was too thin for the quick-sets). I had been using the 30 degree (silhouette) for years when a few months ago I decided to give the quick sets a try again because I always felt that the insertion of the 30 degree silhouette site was more painful; however I never had issues with the 30 degree sites kinking. Time to switch back I guess.

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My daughter had a string of bad sites on the Tandem equivalent. She’s doing much better with the 30-degree ones. Word is that the angled sets are better if you’re lean and/or very active, which makes sense to me. Good luck!

I struggled with this issue several years ago and I tracked it down to activity related movements. I switched to the angled sites for a little while but I switched back after working with a trainer and having her watch my body move and learning to place the sites in areas of less movement. I struggled to keep the proper angle with the self insert type, I much prefer the 90 degree device inserted.