Tandem infusion set problems

I’ve been on a pump for about 18 years. I switched from Medtronic to Tandem 2 years ago, and I’ve been struggling to find an infusion set that works for me. I also recently (within the last two years) started doing CrossFit and I’ve had some body composition changes, and my abdomen and back are more muscular. I was using the 9mm insert and then switched to the auto soft 30 Bc I was hitting muscle and the catheter was kinking and bending. The angled catheter seems to be working sometimes, but it’s super hit or miss. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t remove my old site, before I confirm the new site is working. As a result, I’m having massive blood sugar spikes. I’ve also run into issues where the site just stops working a day or so in. Again, resulting in massive spikes. I do like the tandem pump, but I’m considering switching just to try infusion sets, as I’m about out of options with tandem. I should also note, I’m thin, but not super thin. I’ve had two kids and my tummy area absolutely looks like I’m a mom. Anyone else have similar issues?!

Hi Erin @Erinsellbrown, I had similar issues a few years ago with Medtronic / MiniMed infusion sets but I put the blame on my old body having worn out after being injected / infused with insulin for 60++ years.

I more or less solved the issue by switching different length cannulas [6mm, 9mm, 13mm, 17mm] between my belly and upper arms. I too am quite thin with a BMI that never exceeded 20; I’ve found that the 17mm is too long… For many years I’ve found that “body exercise” of body parts where insulin is injected or infused speeds up the absorption of insulin and when I do resistance training at the gym I need to run my pump at no more than 20% for 4 to 6 hours.

I also notice that sometimes on the second day of an infusion site my BGL runs way higher than I’d expect - but then corrects itself on the third day, without any explanation; I too never pull out an old infusion set until I’m pretty certain that the new one is working. I hope the problem isn’t with the Tandem sets as I just had the Medicare required blood-draw this morning to expedite my change from an out-of-warranty MiniMed pump to the Tandem t-Slim x2 with the Basal IQ.

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Hi @Erinsellbrown Erin. You didn’t say the length of your first sets. The sutosoft 30 is a 13mm, I have had decent luck with 90 degree 6mm length cannula. Tandem makes a 6mm. Good luck

hi Erin!!

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues!! I use the autosof 90 at the 6mm length. I’m extremely thin and have not had an issue, even though I recently started working out so I’m a tad more musclie than the non working out me. I still haven’t had a problem getting a good site. Maybe it’s just me. I have only been pumping for just about 7 yrs and only T1 for the same 7 yrs.

Good luck w finding something that works for u.

Hi Erin,

Have you tried steel cannulas since switching to Tandem?