College Life

Hi Everyone!

I’ve recently joined this site again (I used to be on it when I was little) but I’ve had diabetes for 14 years and I’m currently in my second semester at college. My first semester wasn’t the best. My professors weren’t very understanding even with my accomodations and my blood sugars have been all over the place ever since I got here. I don’t really like where I’m attending school either so I definitely think that effects me even more.
I also think it’s been really difficult trying to meet new people/make new friends who don’t really understand my situation. I guess I’m not super big on change. I grew up in a place where people knew me and they knew that I had diabetes and they were always very supportive and understanding. And now I’m at a new place where my “friends” don’t quiet understand the things we go through everyday/night no matter how many times I have tried to explain it to them.

So, I guess I was just wondering if anyone out there was having the same type of problem? Or how anyone thinks I should approach my friends in a different way?

Hey girl! I also have had diabetes for 14 years… and college was an INSANE adjustment for me!
Unfortunately, most people I have found do not truly understand what Type 1 is and all that it truly takes in order to stay on top of our health. With professors, I found that it helped me the most to approach my professors on the first day of classes and explain to them what I have and what I am dealing with (“Hi. My name is Makenzie, I want to let you know that I have type one diabetes. It affects my blood sugars, so if you ever see me leave class, eating a snack, or not being extremely responsive and active during class, this is due to …”) I try to take that opportunity to really explain and elaborate on how diabetes effects me and the outcomes that it could have on my class experience. Most of the time, my professors have been appreciative of the explanation and that I took the time to explain my actions before they could happen.

Friends in college is something that took me time. I was a transfer student when I first began college at a major university, and I transferred in during the spring semester, so not a lot was going on at all. I struggled greatly. I started to attend different fitness classes, where I was able to connect with girls my age that were also attending (most universities have schedules for these classes posted online, on facebook, or at your rec center) and I also rushed. Although I did not pledge to a sorority, the rushing experience allowed me to open up to girls that I am now still friends with, even though I did not pledge to an actual sorority.

I hope this is helpful for you and that you are having a great start to your semester :slight_smile: