Looking of friends with T1D

Hey everyone,

I’m Michelle and I am a college student at University of South Florida (Go Bulls!) and have never had a friend with T1D. I have had it since I was a year and a half (I am 27 now). I am really just looking for someone (be nice if they were near me) to talk to and basically just gab about life with T1D as an adult.



Hey, Michelle,

I’m not able to offer what you asked for, but we live in St. Pete, and my 8-yr-old daughter was Dx’d a year and a half ago. I don’t suppose you’d be interested in being an adult perspective for me, a role model for her, or maybe even babysitting? Any of those would be awesome for us.

No worries if not. It’s just nice to see someone local, so I figured it was worth a try!


I would be more than happy to. I’m actually in the Ellenton area, which is right over the Skyway, so it’s not a far hike but I’d love to talk with both of you.


That’s great, thank you! I just sent a PM: we’re just on the other side of the Skyway from you, so not too bad. :slight_smile:

I am a student of pharmacology and patient of diabetes type1 from 12 years.
I would like to share and discuss diabetes things!



I may or may not be the person with whom you’d want to talk about diabetes as I’m quite a bit oder; I’m now in my 60th year trying to figure out T1 - and doing quite well. My wife and I live near you, on the south side of Bradenton. Message me whenever, ask anything.

And yes, Go Bulls - I spent most of today quite near you at our daughter’s cutting up a storm downed oak tree - our daughter is also at USF. She could also be someone to talk with about T1; she has worked trauma medicine for 25 years and currently works ER.

Hallo Michele,

I may not be living in the USA but in Nairobi Kenya,its now exactly a bout five months since i was told i have T1D the major problem i have is experiencing low blood sugar each time immediately after breakfast, how have you been able to manage your situation for all that long? am 28yrs, please can i get advise on the type of meals, and insulin units may u be injecting, if there’s anyone with advise send it to onkangib@gmail.com. Thank you all

Hey there Michelle! My name’s Kayla and I’m actually right around the corner from you! I live about 25 minutes from USF. I don’t go there though. I actually go to a small private college 30 minutes from USF. However, I am at the USF campus every once in awhile to visit my boyfriend on weekends. I’d love to meet up with you and chat about diabetes the next time I’m in the area! I only know one other T1 diabetic, so it would be great to know another nearby! Please feel free to private message me if you’re interested in meeting sometime! I’d love to chat!