Young Adult T1D friends!

Hi guys! I’m 23 and was diagnosed 9 years ago (from tomorrow). Throughout my lifetime of having diabetes, I have never really met or connected with anyone else who has t1d. I’m looking to make some friends, who are around my age, to have someone to relate to and talk about all the things that people who don’t have t1d, have. I look forward to getting to know you! :smile:


Hi @dhoeman827 I’ll take a pass at the age thing but take the opportunity to welcome you to our forum. There are a lot of us here. Cheers!


Thank you!! I appreciate the welcome! (Age doesn’t really matter I just haven’t seen too many young adults on here)


Hi Danae @dhoeman827! I’m Abby, 17 years old (almost 18) and diagnosed age 7.
Welcome to TypeOneNation! I’m so glad you found us. This is a great place to make friends, ask questions, and share your experiences with T1D.
I totally get what it’s like to not know anyone else with T1D–and I know how important it is to make friends with this condition! I’ve created a few different group chats for teens and young adults with T1, and I’d love to add you to one. Feel free to pm me and we can exchange contact info!

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Hello Danae. It is nice to see someone who is exactly my age and who has been dealing with diabetes for almost as long as I have! It will be 8 years for me this August. Welcome to this forum! I am always eager to chat and get to know those with this disease. Feel free to privately message me and we can definitely become friends! I do know what it is like to not have many friends who deal with the same issues as us and how hard it is for non-diabetic friends to relate to us. I hope to hear back from you via private message! :slight_smile:

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Hi Danae,
I’m Britni, 33, diabetic since 6. Welcome to TypeOneNation! I wanted nothing to do with other diabetics when I was younger (I likened the diabetes camps to leper colonies when I was a kid), but I see the value in having people to talk to now :grin:


I have been diabetic for almost 15 years I’m 28 and thankfully to this site and coincides I have a few friends that are diabetics too. If you ever need someone or you want to become friends with me and my friends message me and I will gladly introduce you so we can share knowledge

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Hi @fzamuria & @dhoeman827
I feel like I’m in the same boat - I am 30 and been T1D for 10 years. I don’t know anyone else who’s diabetic and would love to have some friends who “get it.”
I joined this forum in the hope of finding people my age to relate to. Would love to connect more xo

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Hi @dhoeman827. Great to see young adults chatting in this group. My father is diabetic and I am conducting a research study on young adults living with type 1 diabetes transitioning to an independent living. Do you want to be a part of it and imagine a new way with us to support young adults like you? Let me know. I will be happy to share the details with you. Till then, keep rocking.

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Hello @kunal26gpt welcome to TypeOneNation. This is a forum where we support each other directly by sharing our experience, strength, and hope in dealing with or taking care of someone with type 1 diabetes and you are welcome to participate. Of course you realize that advertising other products and services is very much like using our platform to run a commercial and is discouraged. I hope you like our forum and support system.

Thank for the response. I understand it. Will keep things in mind

This is great!! I’d love to chat and get to know you and your friends!! Feel free to message me(:

I’d love to connect!! It is really hard to meet people, but weirdly enough I don’t even know why! Haha so feel free to message me and we can talk!

Sure aid be glad to help!! Anything for my fellow t1d dudes(:

Totally, seems strange that it’s so hard :slightly_smiling_face: how was your Memorial Day weekend?

Thank you for the response. Can you please share your email id so I can share the details.

hi! i’m 21 and it will be 10 years for me next month. i have faced the same struggle of not knowing many other type ones. it can be extremely frustrating going through things that no one else understands. feel free to message me and chat more!

Hey there @amyynichol! Welcome to TypeOneNation! I’m so glad you’ve found this site. It’s a great place for folks like us to share advice, ask questions, and meet other PWD. Please feel free to post anytime you have questions!
I know the struggle of not having any T1D friends–so I’d love to add you to a group chat if you’re interested! Pm me and we can trade contact info :slight_smile:

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thank you! i would love to be apart of the group chat! i tried to message you but it said i was unable to send it to your user.

Hi there

My name is Chelsea I’m 28 and I’ve had t1d for 27 years come this December. Like you I’m looking for friends around my age. I know it’s hard when there’s no support group or people who actually understand what you’re going through. I can totally relate