Looking for a Diabuddy!

Hi everyone, my name is Leah and I just joined typeonenation! I have had T1D for a little over three years now and am now a sophomore in college. I have met some people in my life who also have T1D but never anyone who has really become a good friend. I struggle a lot with my diabetes and college and I just really need some support and maybe even friendship from a fellow T1D who knows what it’s like. None of my immediate or extended family has T1D so I really have no one at all that is close to me that understands how much diabetes can tear a person down sometimes. I go to DePauw University so I’m near Indianapolis and would love to meet someone close by. If not, I’d just like someone who can relate and who I can vent with and talk to about stuggles and successes in our day to day lives. Also, I am so willing to offer the same thing back! I’m a great listener and a dependable and loyal friend to all! Let me know if you want to connect!

hi i’m janiece ive been t1d for 12 years i’m intrested

Hi my name is Alec! I’ve been going through diabetes for 10 years so I know how you feel! My diabetes was no fun at first (I was 4 when i got it) I was diving under the hospital bed when they tried to give me a shot! Then I started up with animas insulin pump. And it was amazing! I would enter in the carbs of my food and my blood sugar and insulin would go through a tube into my body. Then we got dexcom! That was a good experience. I was on a walk with my brother on the day i first got it and i felt weak my dexcom told me i was low and my mom picked me in her car and fed me. Now we’re on Minimed!! I wonder do you have a pump or a dexcom too? I am interested and i hope you keep on troopin! From Alec

Me me pick me! :wink: T1D for 7 years (ugh wow) and absolutely needing some support. I’m in Canada and nowhere near Indianapolis, but always available over phone/text/facebook/etc. I’d love to connect!

Hi Leah, i’m Brian. Welcome to the hoosier state. i’m from a little town north of indy although i go to college in Michigan (MIAT college of technology) for Aviation Maintenance. I was in your same boat when I moved into college, with three other guys I didnt know from adam. luckily the one had a brother who had diabetes yet succumbed to this wretched disease, so he has a decent idea of what is going on with all of us. i’d love to keep in contact with you and hopefully sometime meet up.

I’d be interested! T1D for 14 years now.

Hey Leah! I’m Sarah and I have been a t1d for almost 14 years now. I am also going to be a sophomore in college. I would love to get to know you and hear your story!

Hey! I’d love to connect with you! I’ve had T1D for 14 years and I’m now a Senior at Kansas State University.

Also, my campus has a College Diabetes Network chapter, where people with diabetes can get together and have others that just “get it.” I’ve loved having this group of people to talk about things with and sometimes just rant about the frustrations diabetes can cause. If you want to see if your campus has a CDN chapter, or if you want to start your own, you can visit this link: https://collegediabetesnetwork.org/content/campus-chapters

The College Diabetes Network website has a ton of awesome resources that have been really helpful for me and I hope they can be helpful for you too!