Apps for cell phones

Anyone know of anygood free or cheap apps for smart phones that have to do with diabetes. I would like too find one that has Carbs of food at fast food places. Also, one that is has to do with diabetes. Any Suggestions?


Thanks, Josh!

The ones I use most often are Restaurants (has almost any fast food you'd want) or CarbFinder (useful for produce and things that don't come with nutrition labels, also has fast food).

Diabetes wise the best one I've found is GlucoseBuddy.  I actually deleted it last week b/c I didn't use it often enough, but if you're really adamant about entering bg's into it it's pretty handy b/c it makes graphs and reports for you to show your doctor.

Use these on my iPhone...don't know if they're available on the other platforms.

I just started using GlucoseBuddy, (it's free on the iTunes App store) And it works really well. It does everything (you can log your food, insulins (wether pens or pumps) and your actual blood sugars. And like Ideen said you can send them all to your doctors and such. Quite helpful. And all around handy, don't have to make tables and such to do it all, just enter it in my phone.