Hello All!

New member here. :heart_eyes: My name is Jaime. I’m 40 yrs old, type 1 for 30 of those. Pumper. Single no children and looking to get on the new pump. Glad to be here! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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Hello @Jaime7803 Jamie, welcome to TypeOneNation.

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Hi Jaime!
So glad you joined us! This is an amazing community. You will always find support here

Hello!!! Thank you so much! What’s your type 1 story? I’m going on 30 yrs. 7 yrs on the pump. Tons of complications, brittle as we use to call it lol. Having to seek the battle of disability now.

I was diagnosed with type one in December after two trips to the ER. They originally thought I was a type two.

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Yikes!!! Were you suffering from a severe high, or low? I’ve never had a trip myself. However, I’d rather have better daily control with a few mishaps, than zero trips and daily chaos! Oy!

My numbers were bouncing all over the place and my stomach hurt every time I ate. When I hit over 500 I knew I had to go in. I felt like they took more blood than I had to give. Things have gotten better but I still have bad days. I have more learning to do

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@Jaime7803 hey sorry to hear that about your complications. My type one story is just like everyone else’s: nobody else in the family, feeling sick and tired, though I was gonna die, went to the hospital with a bs of 6 gadjillion, then a decade of anger and denial and another of depression… you know… the usual thing.

I’m ok now, 40 years after diagnosis… I mean as good as I can be. I do have some complications but they are manageable. I get burnout but talking about it helps - that’s why I am here. Nice to meet you - hope you are getting the support you need.


Hi Jaime! Welcome to the group. I have had T1D for over 50 years and have no complications. You would think I was not “brittle,” but I actually am. I discovered years ago that I am very sensitive to insulin and that my BG rises a lot with very few carbs.

I am on a pump, (for 5 years now) with a CGM (for 4 years). I still have some highs and lows, but not nearly as severe as they once were.

Anyway, that’s enough about me. Again, welcome!

Pam K
T1D 55 yrs and counting!