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Hello everyone. Just stopping by to learn and hopefully become a better, healthier me. I'm a 22 year old T1 diagnosed 10 years ago but not on a pump yet. This is my 1st post so I'll share my story:


I did great my first few years of having diabetes. I think my family handled it pretty well. I lost weight during onset which was a good thing because I was heavy. (Now weighing ~130). My BG levels were doing good and I had a great endocrinologist...Until my mom lost her job and insurance and everything went south. Well except us, we moved to Virginia from Florida lol. Upon moving here and being separated from my (now 24 y/o) brother, i began becoming depressed and skipped shots which, needless to say wasn't a good decision. Then complications began like Neuropathy and gastroparesis. Not only that, I've been hospitalized CONSTANTLY for DKA. Most recent episode was last week....I know this isn't the site to do so but please don't judge me. My highest blood sugar reading from the Lab in the ER was 1776! yes thats one THOUSAND, I truly thank God I'm alive. That was my wake up call because I was unresponsive for 2 days. I desperately need a pump now because my A1C is at 13.4 and I do not want any more complications. My neuropathy has resolved pretty much completely and no more complications.

I join this site in hopes to share my experiences, thoughts, and offer any insight as well as accept any and all that are given. I appreciate all honesty and bluntness. My family is very supportive, I'm still at home with my mother, working from home because of flexibility with college as well as not having to call in sick to a job. My mom is pretty frustrated with me at this point and I am with my self as well. In all honesty I may need to see a psychologist (do I?) because I tend to blatantly mistreat myself. I skip taking blood sugar readings and my novolog at times (Trying a lot harder now).

That was the honest true part of my situation. Now the perspective coming from someone with the disease for some parents who may wonder what and why their child is doing this:

Some (like myself) are just honestly frustrated with not being able to be NORMAL anymore. Why? Quite frankly its annoying to do. Finger pricks DO HURT, the injections don't really but the pain is more from just having to do it.

Going out with friends, Sometimes I'd like to just go and eat and not worry about having to check or take my insulin (that's why I skip sometimes)...Yes I know I'm damaging my body but THIS SUCKS!!! I'm sorry if this is more like a vent or a blog rather than insight but this is just how I feel and maybe someone else is too but can't find the words to express.

While I type this I will offer advice to parents seeking help based on my experiences as the 'child' and what I'm doing wrong.



If your child is constantly getting sick and needing doctor's help but still 'say' theyre doing the right things, CHECK THEIR METERS FOR DATES AND TIMES. (ive lied to my mom even in front of the doctors) I know you'll swear by your kid to save face...do it, save the embarrassment but make sure you let them know the truth.

More than likely your child will eat the wrong things once they feel comfortable with Diabetes, its okay...they'll be okay but make sure theyre taking their insulin and not TOO much of the wrong things.

It's honestly a dedication to remember and do the right things so helpfully and sternly if need be remind them when they need to do so.

Kids will tell you a number just to get you off their backs. Double check this number when possible.

If your child is like me, there might be little you can do right now that will stop them from doing what THEY WANT! They'll learn on their own but do NOT watch them damage themselves. Yes, sit back some days and maybe let them feel cruddy because it's a feeling WE ALL HATE.

If you're not diabetic yourself as a parent, and never have stuck yourself with a needle or for blood sugars...try it. You might get .5% of what they go through.

That may be it for now, I'm sorry for the long introduction but I felt compelled to write my story in hopes of helping someone out there. You can email me or private message or call. ANYthing you want I'll try my best to give an advice based on how I feel or what I've done.

If you think I'm crazy....i think so too lol but please understand or try to understand where I'm coming from.



Wow Andrew - that is quite a story.  You have been through a long road.  We are glad you are here and there is no judgement.  You will find many people with similar stories that might bring you some comfort.  I hope you can find the place of health you are looking for while you are on this journey:)  Check with your endo on the pump.  Statistically it does not drop A1C - but in your case it might help.  


I think you have the beginnings of being a diabetes guru.  You have a lot of great insights and are good at expressing them.

Diabetes does suck.  And anyone who's smart avoids things that suck.  I blew off my diabetes in my teens and early 20's.  Fear of complications never scared me straight.  

After college I realized skipping tests and shooting up sporadically caused a lot of highs and lows, which stole my energy. So I started doing better strictly so I could feel better and do everything I wanted.   It's like when you skip insulin because you don't want to interrupt your time out with friends.  But the reality is when you skip insulin that in 3 hours you'll feel terrible because of the high blood sugar and won't be much fun to be around.  So the best way to have a really good night with friends is to shoot up when you eat.  Then if you meet some cute girl you wont' have to cut the night short or have high blood sugar breath when you're talking to her.

Try to ignore others' judgements about your diabetes care and figure out what works for you.  What you're going through is normal, but it's also normal to mature and start taking care of your diabetes.  You don't have to be some diabetes robot who loves to carb count, but you are smart and can do way better.  It sounds like you're ready to do that.  So don't hold back... just go for it and start living your life.

Take care and let us know how you're doing.  Try to be cool to your mom too.  She loves you and is probably sad seeing you struggle.  


Wow thanks to you both! I'm trying to get the pump now through Medtronics on a payment plan because of no insurance atm. But im happy to say I've been consistently testing (almost too much) and taking my shots. I've been on the lower end of the scale which isn't a usual for me so i feel absolutely great and proud of myself. Jenna, you make me glad that I actually posted here. It's really comforting to have people who know and understand but yet don't just say "Yes i know why you skip" and NOT offer any advice to kinda grow up and do it. I think I'm ready to be that person. I realize that it really isn't helping anyone obviously its only hurting me and possibly everyone that's around. I used to get sick constantly around my friends and they used to think it was something they're doing when it was all on me.

I like to surprise myself now with a random blood sugar check, sometimes I'm scared thinking its like 300+ and its only in the low 100s!

Anyway, I've been reporting my accurate readings to my mom and she is happy with them I know she loves me and will do everything in her power to help me out.

Thanks again guys I hope to grow with you and share my progress.

REPORT #1: BG is 122 (:

Welcome to the site, Andrew. Glad to have you here with us :)