Hi I’m new here. I’m in the 8th grade. I play volleyball, but our season is end next week, sad face. I am also newly diagnosed, I was diagnosed just last summer.

Hi , I am 9th grade and I play volleyball too. I have type 1 for 6 years

Hello I am in 8th grade too, Diagnosed for a year this week, And uh…If you want to hangout or something,
Steam: OddSoul

Email: AnOddSoullessPerson@yahoo.com

Skype: Marshall Henry (Archer Profile Pic)

If you know of another program or website we can talk on, Send me a reply :slight_smile:

Hey, I am in 8th grade too. I was diagnosed 2 years ago the day after my birthday. If you want to hangout or talk,

Email: melissalerma24@gmail.com

Hey welcome to the world of T1D. Its not as bad as it seems. Its nice to see you play sports. Sports really help keep my numbers in a healthy range. I swim and I’m in 9th grade and I’ve had diabetes for more than two years now. Building a good support system with my family and friends has really helpful too. Don’t forget to get involved in diabetic events and fundraisers to help raise diabetes awareness and funds for a cure.