New Here

Hey everyone,

My name is McCall and I’m new to this site today. I’m excited to meet other teens with T1D just like myself. I’m a freshman in high school, love to play volleyball, sing and hang out with my friends. I am involved with JDRF in my community, attend diabetes camp in the summer and created the “One Stick, That’s It” social media campaign on facebook. (go find my page and like it)

My 5 year diaversary is coming up this month! It’s hard to believe that much time has passed for me. I’ve had T-Slim Pump for a couple of years and even got to be on the Dr. Oz show for diabetes.

Are you on beyond type 1

No, not yet. I haven’t heard of that but I’ll look it up

Hey McCall,

I have been a T1D for 6 years now, I am a freshmen too… I am homeschooled though :slight_smile: That makes it a lot easier when it come to snacks, and school.

Where are you from? How old are you?

Hope to hear back soon!


Hi guys,
I have been a Td1 for 6 years. I like to play volleyball and I am at the team. I like sport. İt is going with diabetes. We can talk each other. We are the teen diabetic!!! Come on lets do a whatsapp group which consist of teens. I’ll wait your messages…


Hi mccall,

My name is allison and I am also a freshman in high school and I have had type one for 7 years. If you need any help just let me know

I am trying to get a pump… I have wanted one for a long time, but my parents didn’t want me to have one.

Anyone else still using pens?