Someone wanting to talk!

Hi, I’m Brittany, and I’ve had diabetes for 13 years! I’m a junior in high school, and I just would like to chat with someone about diabetes or anything really! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey. I’m going to 7th grade after summer . I have been a type 1 diabetic since 2010. I play basketball and have the cgm (continuous glucose monitor ) since my sugars have been all over the place ever since. My sugar drops really quick in the firsts 15-20 min of basketball so for my meal I take half the insulin needed and it works great. My dad passed away in the beginning of January 2014 so times have been hard. So at my middle school I have a trained person that helps me when the nurse is not there which is most of the time and she is crazy she gives me 15 carbs every time my sugars low so if my sugar is 60 1 second she gives me 15 carbs and 15 min later it goes Down to 57 she gives me another 15 carbs etc. But yeah😀

Hey! I just got done with being a freshman in high school and I’m 14 years old and have had diabetes for a little over 7 years. Would love for someone to talk to about anything! Let me know if you want to talk! :slight_smile:

I’m a 8th grader about to be a freshmen in high school i wanted to talk to someone about diabetes it would nice to have friends with diabetes :slight_smile: