Hair loss at diagnosis

Hey guys, feeling a little overwhelmed lately. I was diagnosed about two months ago. In the months leading up to my diagnosis I was not feeling well (obviously) but also noticed that I felt my hair was falling out or breaking off more often. Now that it’s been a few months since diagnosis i definitely feel like it’s falling out more in the shower and during brushing and what not. I already have very thin hair and this is causing me even more anxiety. Did anyone else experience this? I see my endocrinologist at the the end of June but was curious about if anyone else had this happen.

Hi @Aparker2012 ,

I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I was diagnosed two years ago. A few months after I was diagnosed, I experienced the same thing with the hair loss. It stopped after a few months for me and now I’m back to my normal hair volume. This disease is very overwhelming and challenging to manage. At the time I was very concerned about the hair loss but looking back on it now that’s it’s all grown back I’m not as worried about it. Since insulin is a hormone it interacts with other hormones and I assumed that it was the hormone imbalance that caused the hair loss and eventually it will all balance out. I hope this helps and please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or need any help.

@aldamizaku thank you for your comment! That honestly makes me feel a little better already. This is going to make me sound slightly vain but I’m only 24 so im at a time in my life where my hair is very important to me and the thought of losing it this early in my life just gives me a lot of anxiety. One more thing to worry about along with all the other things that come with this diagnosis. I’m glad other people have had this issue and that your hair grew back to its normal state. I will definitely try to not let this worry me too much.

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Our daughter was diagnosed Jan 11th 2018. She just turned 11 this May I noticed an excessive amount of hair loss as well prior to and after her diagnosis and it was very concerning. I am glad to hear that it does go back to normal.

I’m in the same boat. I was diagnosed a month ago and am also experiencing hair loss, which you might think is trivial compared to everything else but feels like one of the most demoralizing part of all of it. I was having it before taking insulin. I was told that my hormones are all normal and that the hair loss is due to my bodies lack of nutrients. I lost over 20 lbs. I was told this is normal and that it will grow back. So at least that is once less thing to worry about (although its hard to think that way when your hair keeps falling out).

@jhout18 I can’t imagine having to watch your young daughter go through all of this. I sincerely hope everyone is right and the growth goes back to normal!

@kimberlyelaine yes we are definitely in the same boat! I was pretty severe dka and lost about 30 pounds between me starting to feel sick and getting out of the hospital. I’m curious to see what my endocrinologist will say but you are correct, very demoralizing. Just one less thing we have control over. Hopefully after a few months our hair will go back to normal! If you ever wanna talk or need anything please feel free to reach out to me!

@Aparker2012 I’ve gotten a bit neurotic with it and am taking biotin, pouring oil on my hair, and even using women’s rogaine (2%). It’s obviously not an instantaneous solution and it might very well resolve itself on its own but it helps thinking that I am doing something to help my body. Like the reinforcements are finally arriving to help. It also makes me feel like I have at least a marginal control over my body. I agree, I think we will be fine in a few months once nature runs its course. I would love to talk to you! Its been a roller coaster as Im sure it has been for you as well.

My 17 year old son was diagnosed about 7 months ago and 2 months after diagnosis his hair was falling out like crazy (no bald spots, just thinning) The endo doc said it is very common after a trauma like DKA and it is just that your normal hair growth cycle gets disrupted. The hair loss is usually noticed about 2 months after the trauma and is gone within 6 months. And that was the case with my son, his hair is no longer falling out

My daughter was diagnosed 3 months ago at age 14. Her hair was looking very thin prior to diagnosis but seems to be looking healthier and fuller now. She also has hashimotos thyroiditis which can cause hair loss due to hypothyroid which she now also takes medications for.

Good Morning!
My daughter also went through this and it turned out that she also had Graves Disease, which is a thyroid disorder. Once the thyroid was killed she started taking synthroid, and she changed shampoo her hair started to grow back and looks much more healthy. At your next appointment ask to have your thyroid levels checked just to rule that out. Best of luck to you! Things do eventually get easier!

Thank you everyone! I feel much better knowing I’m not alone in this struggle. Definitely going to ask about getting my thyroid checked and just going to try and focus on the fact that it should go back to normal. If you any of you have recommendations on good shampoos or supplements, etc id love to hear them as well.

Hi Ashley,
So sorry to hear about this happening to you-the hair loss.
I’m a type 1 diabetic and have been for 28 years now, but haven’t experienced hair loss; just think my hair has thinned out due to aging. But I had been told that Prenatal vitamins & biotin help hair growth by a hairdresser who I know personally and I do take both of them. Not sure if they work, as I said before, my thinning of hair could be because of aging and also I’ve always had thin hair.
I hope your hair health & overall health improves!!!

Hey all! I’m new, my name is Christina. I have had diabetes all my life. I definitely understand the anxiety of hair loss. I do not remember hair loss when I was diagnosed but I am 31 and have very thin hair. I have to accept the fact that there are things out of my control when it comes to this disease. Taking vitamins is going to help and drinking water. I take a hair, skin and nails supplement along with a Womens one a day. Hair thinning also runs in my family though as well. My moms hair thinned as she got older. I have had my thyroid checked due to so much hair loss and they said my levels were normal but doctors aren’t always doing the correct test. (From what I’ve read on the web). I use thickening shampoo and conditioner too. As time goes on you will figure out what is best for your body and how best to adapt.

I’ve been using Marc Anthony strengthening grow long products. They smell very nice. I also use Maui strength and anti-breakge. Living proof is also a really good line as well. I highly recommend their UV protection spray. Not just from tools you use in your hair but the sun as well is pretty damaging.
I hope this helps Sweetie.

My daughter was diagnosed 7 months ago at age 9. She also experienced significant hair loss starting about 2 months later. The doctor said it is common and the shock to the body of DKA can damage the hair follicles. It was very disheartening to see that happen to her after everything else. It lasted a few months and now her hair is back to normal. Hang in there!

Ohh thank goodness someone else is going threw this!!! My son was recently Diagnosed and he is 13 ! His hair has been falling out like crazy for a month now! The doc says he has heard of it happening and as long as we didn’t see red splits we were ok they tested us for other auto immune disorders but we came out all good on that end. Everyone in these forms are so helpful and so nice

Thank you everyone for your replies, recommendations and kind words! I take biotin currently but will check out some of the other things mentioned. Will ask my endo about getting my thyroid checked as well. I feel better knowing other people have had this problem and that they’re hair returned to normal eventually. This has been such a stressful thing but everyone here really is so helpful and kind.

My daughter was diagnosed 1/6/17 at 12 years old. She lost a lot of hair starting about a month after dx. Endo said it was common because her system was just messed up from having high bg for the time before dx. It lasted a few months and her hair is getting thick again.

Thank you for the encouragement. Our daughters hair as started to stop falling out. I was so relieved that when I brush it now it doesn’t come out in gobs. There is still a little but not near what it was. I hope this happens for you as well. It will be one less thing to worry about. Thank you again

@kimberlyelaine Thank you for the encouragement. Our daughters hair as started to stop falling out. I was so relieved that when I brush it now it doesn’t come out in gobs. There is still a little but not near what it was. I hope this happens for you as well. It will be one less thing to worry about. Thank you again. I am still trying to figure out how to respond on this sight.