Hair loss

I was diagnosed on May 11th and was in DKA, after a week or so i noticed hair falling out. a month and a bit after this i have lost aound 60% of my hair and it is very depressing. I was wondering if this is normal or if anyone else has experienced this and if so when will it start to grow back? I have been checked for thyroid and it isnt that, so i really need to know how and when it will grow back? Its really getting me down as i used to love my hair and i feel i am loosing my femininity…

I had a similar problem after I was DKA a couple years ago. The only difference is that I had a thyroid issue and the medicine I was taking for that caused my hair loss/ thinning and being super sick probably didn’t help matters either. I stopped taking the meds and that subsided my hair loss but it was still thin after that. I usually wash my hair 2-3 a week and do a lot of oil treatments to help regrowth and strengthen it. Hydration and eating healthy have helped out a lot also. Double check your vitamin levels because that could be the issue too! Try to stay positive! It will get better!

Hi! I was diagnosed about two years ago and I had a very similar experience. I did not go into DKA, but at diagnosis my A1C was 13.7. About a month after starting on insulin, I started losing hair, and it just kept falling out. I don’t know how much I lost, but it felt like I had nothing left! My doctor assured me that it had nothing to do with insulin, but I have heard of a lot of people experiencing hair loss after diagnosis. Theories: 1. Your body is going through an incredible amount of physical and emotional stress as you start to figure out a new normal, and stress can definitely cause hair loss. 2. Your body has essentially been starving itself for months, so once you are able to use glucose and your body goes back to a healthy state, you can begin to regrow hair, so your head sheds all the old to bring in the new! I’m not a doctor, but both of those explanations made sense to me. =)

My hair did grow back and maybe within 6 months to a year I felt it was “normal”. I have really long hair tho, so it took a while to catch up.

I hope that helps. Hang in there. Your body is going through a lot and it will just take time to figure it all out. But you will get there!!

I have had diabetes for 6 years now and at the end of last year I was experiencing the same problem. I have not thyroid issues, but I continued to lose A LOT of hair and eyelashes. As a girl this was terrifying. I can say for me it did subside, but I still haven’t grown all my hair back. Im 17, and I can tell may hair line started to recede in certain areas. I tried hair products with Tea Tree Oil from Whole Foods which they helps stimulate better blood circulation in the scalp. When I started using this product I noticed my scalp and hair seemed a bit happier. But for my hair loss it only stopped when it wanted too. I know thats not reassuring but try putting (if you are a brunette) brown/black eyeshadow in your hair where you are noticing less hair. It makes it look like the hair is still there. If you need anyone to talk to about this (I know its terrifying) feel free to message me.