Hair Loss

I was diagnosed on May 11th and was in DKA, after a week or so i noticed hair falling out. a month and a bit after this i have lost aound 60% of my hair and it is very depressing. I was wondering if this is normal or if anyone else has experienced this and if so when will it start to grow back? I have been checked for thyroid and it isnt that, so i really need to know how and when it will grow back? Its really getting me down as i used to love my hair and i feel i am loosing my femininity

Hi Yas,

I certainly haven’t lost hair and tomorrow I slide into my 60th year since the formal T1D diagnose. But, other persons have noticed hair loss.

A year ago there was a very similar question asked here - following is the link with that discussion.

I do hope you soon notice your hair returning to its former glory.

thanks dennis, the libk is realy useful :slight_smile: