Favorite Flavor Glucose Tablets?

I know this group is about non-diabetes stuff, but I didn't know where else to start this...

So what's your favorite flavor of glucose tablets? My favorites are grape, orange, raspberry, and I like green apple but it's not my favorite. ;) What's yours??

I've never had glucose tablets. Do they taste good? I use starbursts or glucose gel.

coconut straw berry and ornge

I always get orange and grape

T1D December 4, 2010 @17, 11 days before my birthday

green apple

T1D august 6 2009 5 days before my Bday

Elie, no they're NASTY! Lol

haha they look nasty, thanks for the heads up kate

they're not nasty! they are like giant smarties or giant sweetarts..and i've never heard of coconut gllucose tabs before...and Elie, start saving all your starburst wrappers and you can make a bracelet!!

 i'm sure you probably wouldn't want to wear it but you can sell them or something and donate the money to JDRF!! (this bracelet has a mix of regular flavors and tropical flavor starburst wrappers ;)  )

how do you make the bracelet? that looks SO much more fun than what i'm doing now lol

my favorite flavor is raspberry, but I hate orange because to me orange tastes like orange hi-c with extra sugar in it

ya there the wite one they r usaly in the mix of ones

i love the orange i brought some to camp and all of my friends kept eating them haha

haha my friends ALWAYS want to eat mine because when i first explained to them what they were, i told them that they are basically giant smarties/sweetarts. so now after they HAVE tried it because i was practically forced into letting them have one tablet each, they always ask for them if they see a pack in my bag or something..

Elie--fold the wrapper so that the sides come in to meet at the middle (while holding it vertically). fold it in half where the sides were meeting. fold it in half again, vertically. fold the bottom up and the top down, so they almost meet in the middle. leave a tiny space in between. fold it on that tiny space and you should have something shaped like a v and you can interlock them any way you want to make a chain.

Not to sound gross... but unless you have a lot of spit in your mouth... they're chalk. If you recently drank something or you salivate at the thought of these babies... they're pretty good haha I keep them in my purse for emergencies but they're kinda my last resort haha They don't seem to bring my bg up much.

Oh my god! Yeah! Its like swallowing saw dust!

Orange And Grape

hmmm...  probably watermelon and pineapple and green apple

watermelon and pineapple?!? I don't have good flavors like those at MY local CVS!! They only have grape, green apple, orange, raspberry, and tropical mix, usually. :( I'm jealous!!

u know with the selling thing i already do that but with soda tabs they're  really cool

c Steph  i like them but dont know the kind i like