Endo Recommendation - Charlotte Area

Hello, I have recently moved about 20 miles north of Charlotte, NC. Does anyone have a recommendation for a spectacular endocrinologist?

Hi @Dev_Renae. You might check the forum’s “Resources” tab to find diabetes groups in your local area - from there you could meet some people and get names from them. Your definition of “spectacular” may be very different from someone else’s, so quantify what that means for you. For example:

  • do you prefer someone who’s blunt and matter-of-fact, or someone with a kinder touch;
  • where do they fall on a continuum of “I’m the doctor - do what I say” and “Let’s work together to see what works best for you.”
  • Does their office have their own nutritionist and/or nurse educator, or do they refer you elsewhere?

Those are some examples off the top of my head. Yours may be different - just have some specific questions to ask.
Wishing you all the best in your search.