"Diabetes camp"

I have heard many people mention "diabetes camp." Could anyone tell me exactly what diabetes camp is/what its purpose is?

so its a camp where u can only get in if u r diabetic. they are byond fun because there there are so many diabetics that we r the normal ones!!!!!

its basically a summer camp for diabetics! They are super fun! you should definately look into em (:

Educational, fun, friendships, experiencing building, Really I can't say enough about how important camp has been in building the person I am. Call up the American Diabetes Association and ask for into on a local camp. Worth every moment.

Oh and there are camps for all ages too.



It's camp where if you don't have diabetes you are the odd one out. But it's pretty amazing cause they have doctors there that take care of you so you can focus more on having fun. I went to Camp Conrad Chinnock

I don't really know what it's all about but I want to go sometime. I think it would be great to go and meet some kids that have diabetes that are my age and live close to where I live.

Basically, camp is the real version of our pipe dream Iceland (where Pat wanted to take over Iceland so it became a diabetic community... not a bad idea only I don't think Iceland would be too happy with us :))

Itsss  sooo much fun!!

its a camp for diabetics

u have so much fun!!!

molly and i went together and it was ahamzing

u pretty much do regular stuff at the camp but u have to check urself and its just cool cuz everyone around u is diabetic so u dont ahve to worry about how ackward it is

but u should really try it cuz its ahamzing!!!

mite i add gianna and i would not have out amazing friend ship without camp duncan in volo illinois we were in mt ash cant wait to see u gg only like 2 weeks!!~

oh my goodness.its truee. molly and i wouldnt b so close or well know each other for that fact. so i owe it all to mt. ash my cabin. and to camp duncan. and i cant wait either!!! its only a matter of time b4 i see u!! cant wait!!

  I went to camp Sweeney when I was kid. It was pretty fun, kids your age with diabetes, and you learn a lot there. It is amazing, but they can be pretty expensive. Luckily with diabetic camps, theres companies that will pay for you to go as a tax write off. Thats how I was able to go.

I went a few summers when I was younger and had a good time. It is very educational in my opinion, definitely worth experiencing atleast once in your lifetime : ) I went to Camp Crestfield in Slippery Rock, Pa. It is very relaxing to be around so many other diabetics just like you, so you don't feel like you're singled out. I used to teach others in my cabin how to give their own injections. The counselors always told my parents I was a great little teacher.

Diabetes camp is amazing! I go to Gales Creek Camp in Oregon, and it's so much fun! I built a lot of friendships there, with campers and counselors. It's just like a regular summer camp- stay in cabins, play games, swim, etc.- except everyone has diabetes. It's like you are the normal ones for a week. My camp even takes a trip to the beach, because it's only about an hour away. GCC is amazing, and I've had so much fun there! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go this summer, so I missed out on seeing all of my friends this year. )= But I'm thinking about working there next summer.

You should definitely check it out to see what camps are near you. Don't miss out! You will have so much fun and make tons of dia-buddies!