Diabetes binder

I have posted this in other place's but I thought that this time I would go to the parents of Children with diabetes and ask their mom or dad what is in their teens diabetes binder if u have one?

Jamie, Brandan is not a teen, but I will tell you what I keep in his folder. (It's one of the folders with the 3 prongs to attach papers to in the middle.)

The first page is a list of all the phone numbers we need. Once a week I download his meter and pump to the computer and I print the log and add them. (Before we got the pump I wrote his numbers down on a similar chart.)

In the pockets: I keep copies of his prescriptions (so I always know where they are for refills), his Medic Alert record, insurance info, and the "discharge instruction" paper from his clinic visits.

It's really not as much as it sounds, just a few papers. The logs is what takes up the most room, but since I just have it all in a folder it's very easy to stash in my desk drawer and transport to the doctor visits.

Yes Trish i rember that when I posted this in the parents of kids with diabetes

Oops. I don't remember telling you already. :)

Rather than a binder that you have to organize yourself, get yourself a Calorie King Book. It's under $10 small and easy to carry in a purse or pocket and it has carbs everything you could possibly think of - even fast food. http://www.calorieking.com/store/product/119-2011-calorieking-calorie-fat-and-carbohydrate-counter

Emalie's binder has lots of stuff in it. We take it every where we go. it has her emergency contact numbers (family doctor, endo doctor, kyle's and mine cell), we also have emalie on a feeding schedule so that is in there. a page on the signs on high BS, and low BS. some papers on common free snacks and 15 g snack.. we have copies of her sugar log, and bolus/basal rate. also for fun we have a sheet of common diabetes myths.

I have 2 differnt binders one has my BG's how much cabs i eat for each meal, a hour by hour log sheet that my mom was given when i 1st started on the pump, than i have a sheet that is just for bg leanvs and how much inlsuill i had a each meal. The 2nd one has stuu that i have prited off of website and put in the binder.