New to group & diabetes

Hi everyone! I'm happy to have a place to connect to other parents. My daughter is 4 and was diagnosed with type 1 last month. This is such a challenge but we are surviving and starting to understand what is and isn't under our control. We have two other children 9 and 5 months. I was hoping to learn more from those who have gone through the same thing. I would love to hear about your first experiences with diabetes. Thank you to all for creating this much needed connection:)


Hi! I am so excited for this as well. Ethan is our son and is 7. he was diagnosed when he was 5. We have had lots of things happen since then. Start of school, sports and just everday living. something that made life a little easier for us were, we looked and looked for an easy, organized way to carry all of the information and supplies. After we searched for months and tried so many things, the easiest thing we already had. It is a case from best buy. It is made to hold a psp. The spot where the system is suppose to go holds his novolog jr pen and glucagon, and ink pen. The top is where we store all of the gathered carb info and calorie king book. the other sections hold ketone sticks, a ketone moniter, strips for that, a small calculator, bg tester and strips and  and a small 15g juice box. also we carry small writing frosting tubes with us in it , too. We also keep one in my purse, dads pockets,and his pocket.

This is a very difficult thing, but you get through it. Lots of hugs and kisses. One thing we did for Ethan was we developed a sticker chart for his shots. We gave 2 stickers for the scarey spot (tummy, butt, and leg) after so many stickers he got to pick a prize from the store next door to us, or rent a movie of his choice. It was not long and he was an old pro. He chose his spots and liked the independence that came with that.

I still am learning new thing about his body and diabetes. We can just keep looking for the cure! hope all is well with your little angel.

Hi Laura,

I wish I could give you a hug - those first few months are extremely rough.  You will get through the haze though and your daughter will do well.  My son, Lucas, was diagnosed at 37 months - he is 5 now, almost 6.  The last few years have been anything but easy as with a really young child all the care is on you -  but you will soon become an expert in her care.   She is lucky to have a parent who will take charge and give her the care she needs. 

Lucas is able to participate in sports and birthday parties and has an incredilbly generous spirit way beyond his years.  Sometimes I think living with a chronic illness helps one to value what really matters in life.  While you mourn the loss of her complete health, take comfort that there will likely be some gain in character.

I also have 3 children - all boys - the others are 8 and 4.  They have been tested for the antibodies that may lead to type1 and both received negative reports - yeah!  We are anticipating the cure, and still shed tears occasionally.

Take care and get some sleep whenever you can!


Having a special case is so important! Makenzie has a pink camo bag (lunchbag) that we pack all her supplies in, it's been great. I love the sticker idea for scary spots, that is a big issue for us. I have yet to get her to let us give the injections anywhere but on her arms, I am so paranoid it's going to cause some sort of issue but I've been reassured that for now it's fine. I am getting more used to the "do what you gotta do" attitude when it comes to diabetes.

Thank you so much for your words of support!


It is rough but I try and see the positive in the negative! How did your oldest feel when Lucas was diagnosed? My son has been really caring and understanding but I know it really freaked him out at first. I am doing my best to not let diabetes run our lives or cause issues with the our other children. So far the last month seems like years! Thank you also for your kind words--We all need to hear that others care!


My oldest has been really great with the diabetes.  He has taken it on himself to watch out for him even though he is only eight!  He also is mindful that there is extra food control that we all follow as a family.  We measure/ weigh all three of their servings.

The hospital stays are the hardest - Lucas has had two short stays since he was diagnosed (related to the stomach flu) - and Matias sleeps very fitfully without his little brother here, so whoever has home duty does not sleep either.  Marcos, my littlest, was just over a year when he was diagnosed so it just seems natural to him and is not bothered.  Neither of them are jealous with the extra time and care given to Lucas, this was something we worried about in the beginning but did not need to so much.

I would talk to your doctor about Trial net - where they test siblings for the antibodies.  It took us two years before we had the nerve to do it but they are finding ways to "postpone" or maybe even prevent the onset if your child is found to have them.


Hi I am new to diabetes as well. My son who will be 3 in January was diagnosed with type 1 on the 6th November 2008. I hate it. We are learning to deal with it and to take it all in our stride and ride each day as it comes.

I have another little boy who is 9 months old and I know one day they will play together well and Jett will also understand diabetes and the running of it.

For us the last few weeks have been a blur ... lol. Well ALOT of information. Kai will sometimes prick his own finger but I do all the injections which are twice a day. 

Always here to chat if you need any support! ( well I think we all need it huh! )


Good luck to you and your family ... I hope things start to settle down for you all too!

Tracey xoxox

My son was 9 when he was diagnosed.  It is a challenge and those first couple months were so tough.   His attitude has helped me tremendously.  He has always stayed positive, even when I was chasing him down to check his levels or give him a shot, or on the verge of tears.  He has great group of friends (and their parents) that have always been so supportive.    I had a great support group also.  I have a friend who is a clinical dietician who helped me more than I can say.  She taught me how to feed Matt again.  I found that was the hardest thing to do since he was such a picky eater.   January 2009 will be 2 years and Matt has thrived.  He is very active in sports, excels in school and has taken his diabetes in stride.   He got the pump last June and I have to say the pump has freed up our lives so much.  Matt loves it and so do I.   Things will get easier for you, just hang in there.