Diabetes Binder

I have posted this in other place's but I thought that this time I would go to the parents of teens with diabetes and ask their mom or dad what is in their teens diabetes binder if u have one?

I have a binder for my daughter (she is 12) and in it I keep ALL of her infomation example:

all notes from the doctor, diabetes educator, all e-mails from them also.  All letters, notes, e-mails from and to the school.  All pump information.  Her 504 plan and medical plan for the school.  Any notes I would send to new friends house (what to do if....).  What to do if her pump fails (insulin ratio's etc) this is mainly for my husband incase I am not around and something hanppens.  I think that is all I am always adding things to it.  I even put in there anything I might want her to know as she gets older.  Then I make sure everyone in the house knows where it is, and I even let my mother-n-law know about it.

I hope that helps