Diabetes Binder

I kown that now everyone has a diabetes binder. But for those that do keep a diabetes binder, What is some of the thing's u keep in the diabetes binder. I have been wanting to put one together but I just dont kown what i should put in it. I would so love ur guys help.

What is a diabetes binder? I have been diabetic for 11yrs and never heard of it.

Hi suzi, I have been a diabetic since I was 3 1/2 and I just for our about last years. A diabetes binder is were u have thing's like what u eat and how many carbs it has

i've been dx for 16years(age 6) and i also had no idea what a diabetic binder was. haha. when i was growing up we just had sheets that explained the exchange diet taped to the inside of our snack cupboard, and then my mom has always put my doc's info and my insulin info(what types, ratios) on the bottom of her "important phone numbers" list on the fridge.

I was given a diabetes binder when i was diagnosed. I has my doctors numbers in it, all my numbers, like my target, range, I:C ratio, correction factor (sliding scale). It also has a when to call the doctor info and how lantus works and how to draw up and just an educational kind of thing. I also tape my cards like my doctors office card, and the JDRF card, and the meter cards and stuff in there. I keep lists of low carb foods, a list of things I need to have near when im sick, a list of ideas for exercise, forms i scanned from my pink panther diabetes book that i need for school each year, and my diabetes log (i made my own to better suit my needs rather than the ones the meters come with). I find it very helpful. I hope I helped a little...

my dad created this thing we call "the log" that has just about everything on it. It has slots for date, time, bloodsugar, bolas/correction, carbs and what was originially basal but I now use for writting down if I have ketones or if I feel low. It also has how much extra insulin I get when I have howmuch ketones, we write on it what my basal, correction factor and I:C ratio is. It also has some contact infor on it like my endo's number and in case I pass out or can't remember the numbers it has several of my family members cell numbers on it (I don't have a cell phone yet). It has just about everything on it! If you want a kind of setup that we use leave me a comment or something and I'll try to get that to you!

i don't have a diabetes binder, but i have a notebook where we keep records of all my diabetes appointments, like my a1c, height, weight, etc. it also have numbers for my doctors and reciepts of prescription orders.

my is where me & my mom can keep records of all my diabetes appointments & what my weight was at all of there & my height what my bg was at it & all of the  numbers for my doctors like endo & all of my reciepts of prescription orders & my log for all the carbs i haved for the day & how many carbs something have it.

Thanks guys for the help.

LeahMarie I would like the setup that u use