Dexcom G6 Advice

Hello everyone, I’m Rachel and i’m 17 and I’m getting my G6 today. I was wondering if any of y’all has any advice on using this. This is my first GCM and I’ll be getting a MiniMed 630g in a couple weeks. I would like any advice and where should I put it first? I was thinking my arm but when I watched the video on how to apply it show abdomen. What do y’all think?

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@Racheltoner hi Rachel, you can do a search on G6 in the upper right corner there is a magnifying glass icon. there’s tons of information here.

below are the most typical spots for both infusion sets and CGM.


Check the blogs ov Diabetes Strong. She has a good real life review of G6 and videos of how to insert on arm, etc. Good luck!

Oops, forgot to paste this link.

My daughter prefers the back of her arms, which frees up other areas for pump sites also.

I just got my G6 a week ago & inserting it doesn’t hurt AT ALL. I still do insulin shots, but I put my CGM in my tummy & do shots in other places. When I change it out I will move to the arm. 7+ yrs ago I had the Medtronic pump & CGM. I would put the pump site at the left side stomach & CGM right side stomach or arm. Hope this helps.

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Hi @Racheltoner - I’m curious why you’re getting both a Dexcom G6 and a 630 from Medtronic. Doesn’t the 630g have a CGMS, too?

I use my abdomen for both my pump insertion and transmitter sites. FDA hasn’t approved (last I heard) CGM transmitter insertion in other locations on the body, but I can’t place my cannula anywhere but my abdomen.

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I am using the Minimed 630 pump and the Dexcom G5. I wear my sensors on my ab and upper legs. I also use the same locations for my infusion sets for my pump, so I alternate positions of my sensors because I don’t want my sensor close to my infusion set. If they are too close together the accuracy of the Dexcom can be affected. (I got that advice in a Dexcom support group.) I’m sure the arms are suitable for sensors, but I am 78 years old and it is awkward for me to place a sensor on my upper arms.

I’m getting the 630g because the CGM isn’t the best and is option. My endo recommended me not getting the CGM with it so I decided not to and got the G6 instead.

Thank you to everyone who responded!

Sadly with putting my g6 on my arms it has failed each time… one time falling off the other time it stopped showing me blood sugars for a while!

So I’m planning to put it back on my abdomen but maybe some other places like the lower back or thighs. Some people put theirs on their chest! I was thinking about that but still deciding.

For now after 2 weeks of back on finger stick I plan to go back to put it on my abdomen but not to close to the 630g.