Alternate sites

Ok, so I've been diabetic for like 14 years, and have had a pump for almost 10.  I just recently started a dexcom CGM, about 3.5 weeks ago.  I have never, not once, put an infusion site or sensor in anywhere but my abdomen.  I think that needs to change, I need more spots in my rotation now that I have 2 devices in!  I know there are a variety of spots to try, back/love handles, thighs, side butt, arms, etc.  I live alone, so I'm not sure I can finagle an arm by myself.  I guess I'm looking for advice.  Where have you tried?  What works, doesn't work and why?  Which one do you put where if you wear both a CGM and infusion?  Clothing issues/pulling things out/bumping sites, needing help to place, etc.  Any information would be helpful!  I must admit, I'm a little afraid that an alternate sight won't work (as in, if it works don't fix it, and currently the abdomen does work!) Thanks.

I like using my love handles for my pump sites and my abdomen I only use for my dexcom. I don't like using my arms or legs I find it gets uncomfortable. I hope this helps and you find what works for you!

Just try some other options and you'll find at least a few that work.  That will give your stomach a chance to heal again.  

I just have a pump and exclusively used my stomach for the first few years, until it was overused and I had a tough time finding a decent infusion site.  I've now branched out to upper thighs and occasionally my arm.  It was weird to try a different place, but I got over my fear of it and am so glad I branched out.

hey jamie. i've been pumping for a long time, so i don't use my abdomen anymore- too much scar tissue.  i put my pump sites on my lovehandles on my lower back, and in my arm.  i can do my arm by myself- the trick is to put your leg up on a chair and then use your knee to roll the arm fat up. it works for me.

i put my cgm sensor exclusively in my butt. it works best there for me, although i haven't tried my arm yet.  good luck!

If you put your pump site on your arm, where do you keep the pump/what do you do with the tubing?  I like to keep the pump in my pants pocket usually.  

Do you notice your sensor getting bumped accidently when it is somewhere other than your stomach?  Although, I've got to say, I seem to bump the sensor way more than the pump site on my abdomen...I guess it does stick out more.

For those of you that use the thighs, where exactly do you aim for?  Any issues with your legs (or arms for that matter) being more muscular than your abs-or am I the only one who has that problem ;)

Do any of you notice a difference in absorbance of insulin or the accuracy of the sensor?  I just started the CGM so I'm in the midst of a basal and bolus ratio overhaul as is, not sure I need to add more variables to that mess :)

I appreciate the responses.  I think at some point I just need to make the jump, but it's reassuring to hear of all these other people who are doing it and having success :D

i have 42" tubing, so it's no problem to keep my pump in my pocket.  i either wrap the tubing around my arm or wind it thru my bra to keep it out of the way. sorry, that may be tmi, but i can't tell if you're a boy or girl- the pic is too small!

my sensor is not as accurate in my abdomen, which is why i don't put it there. you'll have to do some experimenting and see what works for you.

I use short tubing so with arm infusion sites I tuck pump in my bra.  Leg infusion sites are easier for me and I use spots from the outside of my thighs to the top (not inner thigh).

It's not a big deal for infusion sites to be bumped.  I have a young child and he sits on my lap and infusion sites, though a time or two he's said "Ouch, your pump (infusion site) it pokey" and scoots to a different spot.  

This is probably too much info, but if you have an infusion site on your leg, be careful when you pull underwear down to use the bathroom or change clothes.  It's easy to get the leg holes hooked on your pump.

Don't over think trying a new spot, just it.  If you absolutely hate it you can move the pump.  

When I first started using a pump, I only used my abdomen. I dislike that spot now though, it tends to be hurt and I have developed some scar tissue from the constant use and using an angled insert. I have since switched to a straight insertion tube.

I have tried the back of my arms, and that works pretty well, but it can be a little tricky to pull the inserter out on your own, practice turning before you inset so you are sure you can reach back far enough to pull it out. I run the tubing down the inside of my shirt and I don't have any trouble keeping my pump in my pocket. I did find that I got my tubing caught on stuff though - mostly door jams. Apparently I am a "door-way" leaner. I only use my arms in the winter when I am wearing long sleeves now.

I prefer to use my hip/love handle now. I am fairly athletic, so I have a hard time using a leg/thigh site because I don't have much extra "squish" there. I have also tried the "upper" butt region, and that works pretty well too, but can also be a little tricky to remove on your own. I don't use that site often though because as a girl, my clothes tend to fit a little tighter in that region, and jeans in close contact with my site is annoying, so unless I plan to wear a skirt all week, that site annoys me.

Just try different sites, you'll find one that works. Some people notice different insulin effectiveness in different sites too, so that is something to consider as well. Good luck!