Sensor and pump placement

I’ve been T1D for 17 years. I’ve recently started using dexcom g6 along with the tandem pump. I have only ever used my stomach for sensor and pump placements. I am very reluctant to place my sensor and pump anywhere else on my body. I see on pictures and videos, mostly on the JDRF pages, of people with sensors on their arms. I am hoping to get some feedback about placements on places other than the stomach. How has that worked out for you? Is it better than the stomach? Do you still have to worry about cites coming off before it is time to change them? Thanks!

@diabetic_dj Hello and Welcome to Type One Nation.

I can’t use my stomach for anything. It just hurts too much.

Here’s the most common sites:

Hello! Thank you for the warm welcome and information.

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I too use a Tandem and G6. I place the G6 on my arm (long time Medtronic CGM user…never used arm). I have insert my canulas in my hip or back (love handles) since my stomach has endured 30+ years of diabetic abuse.

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Thank for the response. I had the medtronic pump before the tandem. I’ve used pumps for about 4 years total. And there are just so many scars on my stomach. Do have to get help inserting into your back?


I use the top of my butt (favorite spot) and no, I can either slap the infusion set in, or use the “clicker” an auto inserter. . Autosoft does have a clicker, making the 1-handed application a “snap” and less of a pain in the a$$ pardon the puns.

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I am a fan of puns @joe I am a bit more encouraged to try out your suggestions. Thank you!

I am new to using a sensor so I don’t know how similar or different the cgm sensor is from the sensor you have but I know the few times I have tried to use my stomach it loses signal to my pump constantly and I end up having to replace it. I’ve had the best luck in my arm. I thought it would be in the way and hurt but I don’t even realize it’s there and I rarely lose connection.

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Thanks, I am thinking of branching out to my extremities. I will attempt my arm for my next sensor change.

I just got my new G6 and can’t wait to try. The training info states it has only been tested on abs but I too have seen the ads where it is worn on the arm. Sounds like it will work in either place!

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I use the Dex G6 along with an Omnipod and use not only my stomach for pod/sensor placement, but also the back of my upper arms and occasionally the top part of my thighs, though only for the Omnipod. All areas seem to work fine and I find no appreciable difference in function between the sites, other than my thighs. I exercise a lot, and find that at times, by the third day, the pod is less affective, perhaps due to pinching from all the movement in my legs.

Until you try different areas, you won’t know how well each site may work, or how comfortable it may be.

I haven’t noticed any issues with the sensor or pod coming off unless I am out kayaking and the PFD rubs against the device. Again, it’s rare for that to happen.

However, per this and other forums, you may experience your Dexcom G6 sensor coming loose at 7-8 days, regardless of where placed. I have experienced this too, as mine seems to come a bit loose after 8 days at which point I secure it with waterproof tape. Apparently, the adhesive used loses its efficacy. Some on this forum have recommended the use of skin tac or similar products for help with that.

Good luck.

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Hi De’Ondre. Can’t speak to a Dexcom/tandem but I’m on Medtronic 670G pump and Guardian sensor. Even with my previous Medtronic system, I preferred my abdomen. Tried the sensor on the back of my arm and it bugged the heck out of me. Plus, I felt like I was always bumping it! I also tried on the back of my hip which was SO uncomfortable. Now I try to use a quad pattern (4 sites) on my abdomen rotating sites clockwise for a couple changes, then crisscrossing diagonally. For my system, guideline says 3" apart and I’ve not had a problem. Just moving each spot on the quad a bit to protect from scarring and irritation. Hope that helps! Good luck!

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I use a Medtronic 670G pump and associated sensor. I don’t have enough real estate on my abdomen to use it for sponsors or infusion after a 30+ pound weight loss before I self-diagnosed as diabetic. T1D is not entirely without benefits, apparently. :slight_smile: I have always used the fronts of my thighs for both devices, and am very happy with that. I did pull off infusion sets a couple of times during exercise early on, and used tape for a while before I discovered that modern, very flexible compression shorts protect things perfectly and are much more comfortable that the thick, stiff ones I used to wear.


I too have only used the medtronic system and only for a few months at that, so I can’t say anything regarding the dexcon or omnipod systems. I have had a steep learning curve and have placed the sensors in arms abdomen and outer thigh. For me the outer thigh seems to be best for the sensors, and my abdomen is best for the infusion sets. Generally on the arms or abdomen the sensors would only last 3 or 4 days and I don’t have enough fat on my legs for the infusion sets. I suggest trying the different sites and see how they work. Everyone is built differently and what may work for me may not work for you. I’ve been type 1 for 43 years and the pump/sensor set up for a little under 6 months…