Dexcom G6 placement

Hi! I know that Dexcom says you can only place the G6 on your stomach since that’s where the FDA has approved it for. I’m curious if anyone has placed in anywhere else. If so do you feel like your readings are still accurate? I don’t want to cover my stomach with scar tissue since my stomach is also my go to favorite site for my pump and then that of course will lead to different issues.

I just started on the G6 a week ago. I’m just doing what they say for now. Will be interested to see what others say. I did see a youtube video where they were doing back of the arm.

I wore my last one on the back of my arm and loved it. I find it uncomfortable to wear on my stomach. I did calibrate extra to make sure the numbers were accurate and they were within a few points. It is awkward to put on and so my husband did it for me.

Ive done both the stomach and back of the arm. Both work great for results.

My 11 year old son can only place it on the back of his upper arms because he has very little body fat and it seems to only hurt or fail when on his abdomen. Our endo says this is ok and when I have had to call Dexcom to report a sensor failure, they tell me it’s an acceptable site…

My kids put them on the arms and legs. Similar issues with lack of body fat. Been on G5 for 2 years, so doing the same thing with G6. We HAVE had a few issues with bleeding from the G6, they say we hit a capillary, but not to worry about it

My 2 year old has it in his arm and has had no issues other than the stickiness of the tape of the transmitter but since getting the Simpatch and cut it into a smaller piece to fit my sons arm.

Thanks everyone for your replies. This is definitely helpful!

I mainly wear mine on my butt and it has seemed to work the best for me. I used to put it on my stomach but I was having issues.