Dexcom G5 repeatedly asking to pair new transmitter

I am using a Dexcom G5, paired with my iPhone. It has worked very well for me over the past year. Occasionally minor glitches, but nothing that has ever stumped me. I am stumped on this one, though. My iPhone alerted me this morning that my sensor reached the end of its normal life. I replaced the sensor, went to resync, and it said it was time to replace the transmitter and asked for a new transmitter serial. I don’t have a new transmitter, so I re-entered the serial of the existing transmitter. I have done this in the past and never had problems. I can usually extend the life of the transmitter by a month or maybe longer by doing this. This time, however, I am getting stuck in a loop where it asks for the serial, says it is pairing, then says my battery is low and to order a new transmitter if i haven’t already, and then goes back to asking me to enter a new serial. Any ideas? Am I just flying blind until I receive my new transmitter (probably Tuesday of next week)?

Here is a picture of what is happening: