Trouble with Dexcom G6 when iPhone shut off

I have a fairly new iPhone. I have been having some issues with my Dexcom G6 if I need to turn my phone off and then turn it back on. The Dexcom app won’t automatically connect back up. It acts as if I’m a brand new user. This has happened twice before and I can usually get it up and running again. The last time when my transmitter was finally recognized it soon said my sensor needed to be replaced (only 4 days old). This time it’s not recognizing my transmitter at all. The transmitter is about to expire and I’ll soon be getting a new one.
Before I switched phones I could shut my phone off and it would just connect back up. Has anyone had this issue? Any recommendations?

@Skrock Hi Susan, and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! I don’t use an i-Phone for my G6, but if you enter that into the “Search” [magnifying glass, top right] you will find many posts that could help you.

Your basic issue may not “be trouble with Dexcom G6”, but rather with the phone. Keep in mind that an Apple iPhone is not a medical device, and doesn’t claim to be. Is the phone the only device that you use to receive sensor information? Or is the phone in addition to a Dexcom Receiver or a Pump?

I’m using my phone as a receiver. I do have the Dexcom G6 receiver as well and am trying to pair but mostly trying to figure out what is happening when my phone has to be turned off. Thanks for pointing out the search! I’ll try that to see if anyone else has this issue.

You helped me remember to look for app updates! I think that will help. Thanks, Dennis! And my receiver paired just fine. I like using my phone for Clarity so my provider can see data without uploading and my husband likes to be sure I’m safe from hypoglycemia. It works very nicely most of the time.

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Hi @Skrock. I have the G5 and don’t use my iPhone as the receiver - I usually use my pump as my receiver but on occasion I have had to switch to the handheld one. When I do I’ve had to remove the transmitter ID from my pump before putting it into the handheld one - the same transmitter ID cannot be on two devices at the same time. Don’t know if this applies but it might be worth a shot.

Thanks, Dorie for the advice. I figured it out. Just needed to update the app on my phone.

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Great news! Thanks for sharing.