Dexcom G5 and Apple Watch

Hi All,

Does anyone use the Apple Watch with the Dexcom G5? I am curious to know what the pros and challenges are using it. It seems like a great idea considering the receiver (in this case my iPhone) has to be within 20 feet with no obstructions to get a good connection. I can’t see being tethered to my big iPhone 6plus every time I walk from one room to another. Lol. Makes me wonder if I can convince the powers that be to let me use my FSA account to purchase one. Has anyone ever tried using their FSA account to pay for one?


I think the Apple watch only works with the phone nearby, isn’t that right? If so, you’d still be tethered to your big iPhone! :-\

I have the Apple Watch, and while I did not use my FSA to pay for it, I definitely love it!! And while the dexcom does actually communicate with the phone and then the phone communicates to the watch, you can still be a little ways away from your phone for it to work. 20 feet is probably about correct for that too. The only downside is due to the communication process mentioned above, sometimes the watch can be a little behind the phone in terms of readings. I have never had this be enough of an issue though to be a problem. And it is so convenient to just look at my wrist and see what my BG is and how I am trending.