Dexcom and Apple Watch

I currently have a Fitbit and love that it tracks my workouts, steps, calories, etc. since I was a high school athlete and will be a collegiate athlete next fall. However, every time I look down at my wrist to check my Dexcom readings they aren’t there. I have plenty of non-diabetic friends that love their Apple watches but was wondering if it is worth it to buy a whole new watch for that one feature?

I use the iWatch in conjunction with my Tandem/G6 system. Best piece of tech I ever bought. I am not an athlete, so I cannot comment on its use for your needs. However, I have become attached to being able to simply look down and see my BG and trend.

I bought the iWatch after getting my Dexcom and I love it so far. I had the original iwatch and ended up giving it away (pre-T1D). But now I love being able to glance at my wrist for a little BG update anytime. I also like the added new features related to heart health, something diabetics should be concerned about too.

Try using the sugarmate app. It is free and 100% reliable in regards to your reading showing on the watch. The way it works is you share your G6 reading with sugarmate. Sugarmate then pushes the info as an event to your calendar. Your watch has a calendar widget and viola. Perfect. Been using since day 2 after discovering the dexcom widget was useless on day 1

I’m going to give that a shot. Dexcom only shows a reading <50% of the time when I look at the watch. Very annoying to have to tap the watch face to get the reading to come up. Thanks!

You will be in love. If you have any setup questions, look me up. It took me a bit to set it up, but completely worth it.

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I’m going to send you a private message. It’s not working for me…

Did you get this worked out? I am assuming since i didnt hear from you after suggesting to enable push notifications

I would love to use an Apple Watch in conjunction with my tandem/Dexcom/iPhone system but it’s my understanding that the G6 can only connect to two devices at a time.
So if I’m connected to my iPhone and tslim I could not connect to a iPhone

Use sugarmate as a follower and sync to watch that way

Marinekeeper, this is John O. I have a Dexcom 5 will the download from the 5 work on I phone as well. What are some of the issues related to getting it to sync.

You mean will it work for the watch? Even if you meant phone, i see no reason why it wouldnt work for either as long as you can share data using dexcom 5. I do not have any experience with 5, but again, see no reason why it wouldnt

Hi Goatleg, the apple watch actually just receives the data from the iPhone, so it’s not really another device that the CGM connects with. I’ve used both the Dexcom app as well as Sugarmate on my Apple Watch, and both work well. I tried the Sugarmate app because at first I was having trouble with the Dexcom app on my watch, but since then then Dexcom has worked very well. I prefer the Dexcom app because the Sugarmate app makes a calendar widget, and my real calendar (which syncs with my work outlook and all apple devices) was getting confused. Good luck!

I would jump to a watch in a heartbeat if I also didn’t have to have the phone in the loop. Once they transmit directly to the watch without the need for the phone, I’m in.

Until then, I’m out.

I get the convenience of not having to have your phone with you, but most people have their phone attached at the hip anyways. Am i over looking something? Whats your reasoning?

I have the iWatch series 1 and love it with my Dexcom G6. It is so nice to be able to just look at my watch vs pulling out my phone. It’s great when you working out. You won’t be sorry that you switched.

A slight bit off topic here but I have a question: I’m an Apple person and have every device but the Apple watch. I’ve heard it uses up battery quickly - does the CGM readout on the Apple watch cause the watch battery to drain even faster? I’m happy to be corrected if I’m mistaken.

I don’t always have my phone attached to my hip.