Dexcom g6 and Apple Watch series 6


My daughter was diagnosed last month with t1
Meanwhile we got her a dexcom 6 and its all going smoothly
However next week she will return to school I didnt wanna buy her a phone cause i dont like kids to be on phones so young
If i buy her a series 6 with cellular connection and an my brother will give me one of his iphones she’s supposed to be able to use the watch leaving the phone at home (my brother does that) do you think the readings of the dexcom would still show on the watch as well i could then use the "share "option in the g6 app on the phone to be able to follow her and i could leave the phone hidden at home :wink: this way she would “only” walk around with a smartwatch Any help/answer would really be helpful

Hi @jjt015 welcome to the forum. that’s not going to work. Dex only connects via Bluetooth, to a phone. That’s it. If you need to see her sugar she needs a phone on her person, then you run “follow” on your phone and you can see her sugar remotely.

The watch will tell her her sugar, only if the phone is on her. So You could wear the watch and see her sugar that way. But she can’t leave the phone home and see her blood sugar with just the watch.

Work with Dexcom if you are unsure about what tech will work. Cheers and good luck :four_leaf_clover:

You could use a dedicated Dexcom receiver. It will show her sugars and that’s it. No phone involved. The downside there is that you won’t see the data anywhere unless until you manually upload it from the receiver to a computer via USB.

The other option is to just give her a phone but turn on parental controls that limit what she can do with it. You could do that in conjunction with the watch plan if you want. But she needs to have the phone in range of the Dexcom transmitter, which means within 20 feet of the CGM.

Hi, Jean, and welcome to the forum! How old is your daughter, and how good is her school about being supportive? We still haven’t given our daughter a phone, either, and the receiver works fine for us — but we also know our kid, and we trusted her teachers tremendously when she was little. (Not that we don’t trust them now, but as she’s gotten older, it’s less of an issue, since she can be more responsible now than she could have been when she was 6 — and she’s been remote-schooling in COVD-world, so it’s really not an issue for us at the moment. Presumably that changes next Fall).