so we had cheerleading tryouts about a month ago and i wanted to try out for the team and i did cheerleading when i was in 3rd grade but now im going into 11th grade and i was sooo nervous because there was like 60 girls trying out i didnt want to make varsity because i wasnt that good to be on varsity so i was going for JV  i was really nervous because cheerleading you do a lot of jumping around, flips , throws and i was worried that with all the arms and legs going everywhere that my pump string would get caught and my site ripe out or that the coaches wouldnt let me do certain tricks because of my diabetes, I was also worried that my sugar would drop low because practice is everyday but sunday and practice is for 2 hours. i just hope this all works out  ahhh : /

I hope everything goes ok! maybe you can take your pump off for practice or something? you could give yourself some insulin or something depending on what your sugar is and take your pump off if you are jumping or flipping so your site dosnt get ripped out! i hope you have fun though!!